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  1. lifein1840

    Can younger chicks be integrated into area with only Momma and slightly older chicks?

    I wouldn't add them....momma hens can be very aggressive to chicks that didn't hatch under her, even to the point of killing the chicks. I think it would be best to sell the ones that aren't with the momma now. I wish you the best of luck. :hugs
  2. lifein1840

    Does anyone have only ONE breed?

    A big part of the joy of having chickens, at least for me, is trying different breeds! I do have my favorites and "never have a flock without" breeds but variety is the spice of life! :thumbsup
  3. lifein1840

    How do i make my Hen go broody?

    :old Just to prove the point, out of dozens of Orpingtons I have had over - ahem - many years, I have only had one that went broody, but she was very, very broody! I have had the best luck with Dorkings and Speckled Sussexs - some times more luck than I really wanted....:confused:
  4. lifein1840

    How do i make my Hen go broody?

    Wow....I'm so sad to see the comments on this site get so nasty and hateful....we all share the same interests, why not show a little kindness to each other.... this should be a place we can all share and help each other....we all have had our own experiences and if you get to the point where...
  5. lifein1840

    How do i make my Hen go broody?

    I just noticed the date you posted this....try to wait until spring is in full swing. Sitting and hatching eggs in the winter isn't a good idea and the hens aren't usually in the mood - they know best!!
  6. lifein1840

    How do i make my Hen go broody?

    What breeds are your hens? If they are breeds that are likely to go broody, I have had good luck sitting in the coop playing youtube videos of chicks peeping. It usually takes a week or less to sway one into going broody! It has worked with Speckled Sussex, Australorp and Dorking hens!
  7. lifein1840

    Brooder supplies

    If you have a chance, wait until you have a broody hen and let her do the work!! :old
  8. lifein1840

    Nervous about the smell coop again this summer.

    I use the PDZ in a sort of tray that is below the 2x4 roost bar. It's easy to scoop the poop every morning...sort of like Kitty litter....and I just take the poop bucket directly to the compost bin. There's no smell, no flies - it's great!! I don't let any poop stay in the floor litter in the...
  9. lifein1840


    I have great luck with the Tom Kat rat size snap traps...fresh apple is a good bait or this time of year, maybe peanut butter holding chicken feed/corn.
  10. lifein1840

    I need to vent...

    I made the mistake, probably 25 years ago, of leaving the coop pop door open when the temperatures didn't drop below 87 degrees all night. I woke up to a bunch of dead chickens - ALWAYS LOCK THE COOP DOORS AT NIGHT! Now, I put a battery powered fan or two in the coop during extreme heat.
  11. lifein1840

    I need to vent...

    You MUST lock them up every night!! They are pretty defenseless at night and predators WILL go right in!
  12. lifein1840

    I need to vent...

    :old Anytime you get new chickens, they should be shut up in the coop for at least 3 days, I usually do 5 days. Keep their food and water in the coop with them during the day, remove it at night so you don't attract vermin. After they have been in the coop for that time, open the door in the...
  13. lifein1840

    Will you be buying baby chicks next Spring, and if so from where?

    Just because she is broody is not a guarantee that she will accept the chicks. Do you have anyone close that could sell/give you fertile eggs?
  14. lifein1840

    Official BYC Poll: Is your RUN Covered or Not?

    only the front two runs are covered....haven't figured a way to secure the back run....lost a hen today for the first time ever to a hawk, they are super aggressive this year. Guess the girls will have to stay in the front or side runs.
  15. lifein1840

    Consolidated Kansas

    It's always so much fun to talk chickens with like minded folks!
  16. lifein1840

    Our hen attacked my two young kids

    :old CULL HER! I have a friend who lost her eye as a child from a hen doing the same thing!!! Your kids are so much more important than that hen - you can get new chickens that will be docile and gentle.
  17. lifein1840

    Consolidated Kansas

    I removed the book of faces from my life about 5 years ago and have never missed it one day! I also shut down the "neighbors next door" and I'm much happier! :celebrate I'm with you - I only hang out here and it's usually pretty nice and friendly. :highfive:
  18. lifein1840

    Consolidated Kansas

    thanks for filling me in.... :hugs
  19. lifein1840

    Hay or straw in run or neither for winter?

    I put all the leaves from my yard in the coop and run, next spring, they are crunched up, fertilized and ready to go to the garden!! Last year I finally have a new garden/run area that is used to grow veggies all spring summer and fall then I turn the hens in on the leaves and by spring, they...
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