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  1. elcunni75

    Neurological chick issue or roo???

    I've just hatched for the first time - YAY!! However, I have 2 chicks (1wk old Buff Orpingtons), 1 more so than the other, that does this SUPER funky, neck craning thing, sometimes with the wings rounded... in the brooder, in my hand! Looks like a roo crowing and mating.. but not making a sound...
  2. elcunni75

    HELP! Please??

    I Just hatched my first eggs!! YAY! How long do I leave them in the incubator?? My Hubby has moved my 2 chickies that hatched into the brooder.. my issue is they haven't dried, but he's right that if the humidity is 70-80% how were they gonna dry? They had been moving slower and less in the...
  3. elcunni75

    Runner ducks Needs!???

    I would like to get a few Runner Duck girlies.. my grain store will be getting some in around the 5th of May! What kind of housing do they need? What is the spacing per bird, inside AND out for ducks? How many ducks makes a friendly bevy? 2-3?? What kind of brooder needs to be set up? What do...
  4. elcunni75

    I'm incubating for the first time!

    OK... I've read quite a bit about this and am taking the Plunge!! YIKES! I have a Little Giant Still Air incubator.. keeping it running around 101F w/ one air plug open. It has an egg turner - I was afraid after going this far, I may forget to turn them! And the water well things filled. I am...
  5. elcunni75

    Crochet! 2010 Spring Fling Floral Square Swap!! CLOSED!

    Let's kick off the New Year with thoughts to warm us all! Picture this, if you will: Looking outside and seeing the green grass, flowers popping up, new life just budding all around! Now, let's bring that inside to brighten our rooms and lift our spirits! Theme: Floral Squares!! Color...
  6. elcunni75

    Offer: MA

    I have a NH Red roo who is about a year old. Anyone interested?
  7. elcunni75

    Need partner for hatchery order in MA

    I would like to split an order with someone who would want to order chicks with me! Hubby says I can have more, just not 25! Anyone willing to split a shipment of chicks to MA with me? Thank you!
  8. elcunni75

    Please help my roo!

    1) What type of bird , age and weight. RIR roo, 4-5mo old, heavy for his age, I'd have thought! 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Limping, loping around yard rather than running. Still tries to be quite active w/ the ladies, so maybe there's still hope? 3) Is there any bleeding, injury...
  9. elcunni75

    Looking for Brahma eggs!

    Hello! I was wondering if someone on here had Standard Brahma eggs to sell and would be willing to ship to MA??? The family would LOVE to hatch some! TIA Erin
  10. elcunni75

    Lookin for chickies in MA

    I had been in contact w/ someone from here that was gonna get some chicks on the 18th of June... They have since gone off-screen. I am still interested.. In the meantime, I guess.. I am looking for Wyandotte chicks, in particular: Silver and/or Gold laced. Would LOVE Blue-laced-Reds or...
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