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  1. Allears

    Baby Hare with Seizures

    Hi, baby hare less than a week old brought in for rehab. Did well first three weeks, now having seizures. On panacur in case its e.cuniculi, but now got runny tum. Still on milk formula. Seizures at least once a day for up to 10 seconds (feels like minutes), but still drinking and just starting...
  2. Allears

    Is this Goose too Thin?

    She has been living on lettuce for the past week. The only reason I'm giving her lettuce daily is because she stopped eating normally about three weeks ago. I've seen her nibble at grass, but she won't take any other food, or treats. She is drinking well, but I'm concerned because she used to...
  3. Allears

    Goose on Lettuce Diet

    My embden girl is moulting. It's the second month of the moult. The first moult was a quick moult, but this one is taking long, maybe because her diet consists of lettuce and more lettuce. She's a mature bird and must be around 3 years or older. The problem is that she has gone off her food and...
  4. Allears

    Bumblefoot and Baytril Cornish Rock X House Chickens

    Hi All, my two beautiful Cornish Rock X's have bumblefoot. I noticed the bigger girl had a swollen foot and on closer inspection saw the black scab. 1. I removed the scab, it peeled off easily and at first I thought it was a thorn because it had a spike. 2. I squeezed down the "ankle" towards...
  5. Allears

    Help - Near Threatened Red billed oyster catcher eggs for incubation - How to?

    Hi All, what is the procedure when you put a different birds species eggs under a duck / hen? A nesting site was disturbed and because my duck is broody I was asked to try and hatch out the chicks. I remove the ducks eggs completely, or do I just replace a few. The oyster catchers eggs are...
  6. Allears

    Near Threatened Red Billed Oyster Catcher - eggs for incubation

    Hi All, what is the procedure when you put a different birds species eggs under a duck / hen? A nesting site was disturbed and because my duck is broody I was asked to try and hatch out the chicks. I remove the ducks eggs completely, or do I just replace a few. The oyster catchers eggs are...
  7. Allears

    HELP - honking at planes!

    My flock consists of an embden goose, mallard x muscovy duck, two hens and 14 goslings and a wild duckling. The goose has adopted the role of mother to everyone. This is endearing, but she has become over-protective and shouts at anything bigger than a sparrow that flies over the property and we...
  8. Allears

    Video: Cornisg Rock laying shell-less egg Just pardon the sound... even better turn the sound off.
  9. Allears

    Triple Yolk

    My Cornish Rock's first eggs... soft shell. They are on layer feed now and have had free access to oyster shell, so I think she's hopefully just sorting out the kinks in her system. The other bird is laying hard shell, but small eggs.
  10. Allears

    Stuck soft-shelled egg Cornish Rock

    Two, four month old cornish x rock laying their first eggs. Soft eggs. No issues with the one bird, but the plumper dear had difficulty and the egg broke. Yolk came out whole, but I saw what I think was the remainder of the soft shell sticking out her rear. I washed her butt to clear mess and...
  11. Allears

    WLH "Roo" Laid an Egg

    I'm guessing it's the one in front? Would explain the size difference and that one is more aloof. Both were thrown on the cull pile as day old chicks. The one in the back is slightly deformed, I literally dug him out of the pile of dead chicks. The other one was closer to the top of the pile...
  12. Allears

    South African Mixed Flock - De-worm

    Advice on what to use and how much please guys: 1x embden goose about 13kg 1x muscovey/mallard about 3kg 2x white leghorn roos about 5kg 3 x Egyptian Goose gos about 8 weeks old 11 x egyptian goose gos about 4 weeks old 1 x yellow billed duck about 10 weeks old They have never been dosed for...
  13. Allears

    Oil Gland - Tickle spot

    Hi All, Has anyone else got chickens that are tickelish? If I lightly scratch the feathers over the preen gland area they look like they are getting "goose"bumps. It's absolutely hilarious and they enjoy it because they come back for more Wish I could take a video. My Boys are lap chickens...
  14. Allears

    My First Duck Egg from Flightless Duck

    I adopted a little Mallard / Muscovey hybrid some weeks ago and because of the whistling noise it made I decided it was a girl. Well I found a little egg in the crate two days ago . Because her wing is broken she has been sleeping in a crate in a room in the back yard at night. Me carrying her...
  15. Allears

    African Yellow Billed Duckling

    IIA little while ago I started fostering 3, then 11 Egyptian Geese of about a day and a week old. (I've been writing about them on the Goose Thread where Miss Lydia and Carrosaur have been helping.) Then I got a little yellow billed duck which is about 3 weeks old. The older goslings were biting...
  16. Allears

    Can a Flightless Duck be happy and Dominant Goose Behaviour?

    Hi All, A few months back I was considering rehoming my embden girl because I felt bad that she was on her own. The response generally was that it is better for a goose to have company, but because my girl has plenty of space and gets attention, she should be fine. I nearly rehomed her as a...
  17. Allears

    Stinky Pigeon!

    Hi there, my Rock Pigeon is really smelly! It's not something I've noticed before now, but she's broody so coming for love and stroking a lot more, so we're up close and personal a lot more. She's drinking and eating and her poop seems normal. She lives in the wild, but comes home to eat and...
  18. Allears

    Feeling the Cold

    My Pidgey was feeling the cold today. Came to cuddle in my hands I guess all the nibbling and talking could mean it's time to start building our nest ..... but he's not imprinted and lives outdoors. Except he comes home every night for food and a warm place to sleep...
  19. Allears

    Goose Nest Flooded - what now?

    My Embden girl has been nesting for about two weeks nest and I have been removing the eggs. Over the past week or so we have had a LOT of rain and between yesterday and now it has POURED!! Gooses nest is under water and its going to take time for the water to subside, especially since it is...
  20. Allears

    A Little Sunshine After all the Rain

    Leopard Tortoises (and Goose-Goose) enjoying the little bit of warmth after all the cold rain.
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