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  1. Ms.Frizzle

    Which of these breeds are most "seasonal"

    Recently I bought a mixed package of chicks from McMurray as payment for some ppl who are letting my chickens live with them until that day I have a place to put them. They arrived Memorial day weekend, and I'm going to guess they'll start laying in September. The man is saying that come...
  2. Ms.Frizzle

    Order has arrived!

    So my order of 29 chicks from McMurray has arrived today! I won't get to see them until tonight or tomorrow, but I am sooooo excited! It is their Rainbow Layer Special. My friends told me there was one dead one one turken! a bunch of yellow ones, more yellow ones but with gray spots on...
  3. Ms.Frizzle

    Where to order leg bands?

    I need to buy some leg bands for my standard sized chickens, and I was wondering what sites people order off of? My chickens are going to live at a different farm, and I want to ID them from the other chicken residents so they don't get axed. Thanks for the help!
  4. Ms.Frizzle

    I ordered chicks!

    The title says it all! I went with McMurray again, standard size, the Rainbow Layer special with 25 chicks, as well as a male dark cornish, female silver spangled hamburg, and a female speckled sussex. Rare chick included! My roomie picked the DC, her bf went with the SSH, and I picked the...
  5. Ms.Frizzle

    Livin in a tent

    Long story short, part of my summer is going to be occupied with a mandatory summer class, and it means the only job I could get is doing janitor work for the month of June. For a college kid, its REALLy good pay, $9 an hour. My choices for housing is rather limited, who's gonna rent a house...
  6. Ms.Frizzle

    Help me prove a friend wrong

    Long story short, I'm in a disagreement with a friend with how long eggs can sit before being placed in an incubator. He's being so disagreeable that unless I provide him with a scientific paper about it, he just isn't going to listen to anything I have to say about it. Could someone please...
  7. Ms.Frizzle

    Whats the oddest breed you had go broody?

    Mine was two Buff Minorcas that went broody within a week of each other. I had ordered them from the McMurray hatchery, and I'd sent them an email asking about that behavior. Alls they said was that maybe I had gotten the wrong breed. Idk. They were smaller then my Buff Orpingtons, relativly...
  8. Ms.Frizzle

    I'm so naughty!

    Well, after my second year living in the dorms, my chicken fever is at an all time high. I'm craving the little buggers so bad! So guess what one of my friends tells me? That his mom has an incubator. And tons of chickens just laying like crazy... So currently I'm messing with getting the...
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