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  1. lgelwell

    RIP Merry

    We lost a hen today... :( She was a strange bird, although sweet. She was the leader of the flock and sometimes acted more rooster than hen. She never slept in the coop, always wanted to sleep perched on the table or chairs on the deck. I wonder if this is what eventually killed her. This...
  2. lgelwell

    Chicken Kisses and other unintentional injuries

    Every morning I go and let the girls out and check each one give them a pat on the back or ruffle some feathers and what not. This morning my Big Boss Lady didn't like that I petted one of the others first and jumped up and "POW, right in the kisser!" It was tragic, I mean blood and...
  3. lgelwell

    Strange egg and chalky white substance

    Good Morning everyone! This morning I crawled out of bed at daybreak, once again reminding my hubby that I would LOVE an automatic coop door (hint, hint), and went to let the girls out of the coop. Everyone came out perkey as can be, but as I was grabbing the early layers eggs, I noticed an...
  4. lgelwell

    New super cute coop for my "suburban girls" !!!

    YAY, I finally got my new coop this weekend. Bought it from Key Quest coops on craigs list, brought it home and moved in the girls. I switched out the coop from pine to sand, and the girls are in HEAVEN! I am still going to use pine in the nest boxes but so far so good with the sand.
  5. lgelwell

    double yokes!

    My girls just started laying last week when I was on vacation. Home today and crack my first two, and they are both double yokes!!! Now I'm double proud.
  6. lgelwell

    Chicken attacking phone

    I went out today to give the girls some love and Merry, my big boss lady, decided that she had enough of the paparazzi.
  7. lgelwell

    Swampy run?

    Hey all, I'm in Iowa where the weather has been (like the rest of the midwest and beyond) VERY hot. I looked all over town today for a place that sold the little plastic kiddie pools and everywhere was sold out. Today I just decided to leave the hose at a trickle in to one of the water pans...
  8. lgelwell

    Post a pic of your chickens "beating the heat"

    I just thought with all of the hot weather, stress, and worry, we could focus on the cute and funny for a bit. I just snapped this pic as I filled up several "wading pools" and dumped some sliced cukes in to one of the pools. One of the girls jumped right in and started munching away. So...
  9. lgelwell

    Please advise on this coop

    OK, I am learning more and more everyday about what I should have done, but this is what I have so far. We got a 10x10 dog run and two plastic dog houses for free and thought that we could use the dog houses for the chickens for the summer while we plan a winter worthy house. We covered the...
  10. lgelwell

    Half Way House

    Considering the fact that I'm a social worker this kinda cute. My girls are too big for their brooder but too young to be outside alone so I built them this halfway house. Note that I use the term "built" VERY loosley. Throw some old foam insulation over the top and they have a mini coop in...
  11. lgelwell

    Over worried new mom

    OK, Im sure I am just displacing some of the anxiety I use to feel when my kids would play outside, but I have to think there are others out there with the same problem! I have six assorted girls from TSC who are 4-5 weeks old. They are currently in the garage in a wire dog kennel while the...
  12. lgelwell

    New here too...

    Hey All, Im new from Iowa and going to try and raise some city chickens. I live in a suburb but chickens are allowed (as of last summer). I just got my six girls and they are so great! I got them at TSC and right now they are in the dog crate (large wire crate). I am still trying to decide...
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