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  1. jokker1978

    how cold before the hen cant hatch eggs

    oh hell i hope they will get broody soon
  2. jokker1978

    how cold before the hen cant hatch eggs

    how do i know if she will get broody? she has about 10 eggs right now . it is two chickens laying in the same nest . how many eggs will she lay before she starts to sit on them ? i had one that was broody earlier but a coon got her
  3. jokker1978

    how cold before the hen cant hatch eggs

    At what outside temp should i stop letting her lay eggs to hatch out ? it getting in to the high 30 at night and the 50 during the day
  4. jokker1978

    no eggs

    their is more feathers laying around than normal . I dont know what they look like when molting . yes they are all about a year and a half old
  5. jokker1978

    no eggs

    My chickens stoped laying eggs about 2 weeks ago i have 12 hens and they all stoped laying anyone know why ?
  6. jokker1978

    best waterer and where to buy

    i use an auto dog water that hooks to a water hose . it works great .when you need to clean it you dump it out and it refills it self . it is made by little gaint
  7. jokker1978

    Cop came to the house today

    i have 5 roos that dont make make the noise of my two mallards .. i cant have those here were i live at ... but i can have all the chickens i want . i think like six are seven people have gotten some after seeing mine .
  8. jokker1978

    I should not have looked in the chick bins at the feed store! Pics :)

    what is the green stuff in the box with them ? is that for them to nest are to eat ?
  9. jokker1978

    Crying Peeping, need advice

    at 3 weeks old they only need to be at about 80 are so is there a place for them to go to get out of the heat ?
  10. jokker1978

    new chicks with the old flock ???? help

    yeah they are in the 8 by 8 hen house that is in the 50 by 50 pen . all the other chickens are there
  11. jokker1978

    new chicks with the old flock ???? help

    I just got home from a camping trip and we now have some baby chicks . The hen is crazy i cant get close to her to see how many there is . the chicks cant get out of the hen house so i know i will have to put food and water in there for them and i will have to build a ramp for them to get in and...
  12. jokker1978

    feed store chickens

    amercans are how ever you spell it will have a slate colored legs not grey .... and they lay green /blue eggs well 3 of mine lay green eggs and one lays a blue ish egg
  13. jokker1978

    cheep cheep cheep CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP cheep cheep cheep

    they are just trying to get on your nerves so you will get rid of them
  14. jokker1978

    What do you feed chickens during winter if they aren't laying?

    i feed mine the same thing all year half lay pellets and half scratch ... works fine for me
  15. jokker1978

    Little Giant Incubator

    if your not in a big hurry i would look around on ebay i have seen them cheaper ... they really arent that good of a price at tractor supply
  16. jokker1978

    New (to me) bator

    I have one of those ... and it is good as long as room temp stays the same temp .... i dont like it mine isnt the best ... i am going to make one like that is on the forms here
  17. jokker1978

    home made brooder ? any plans

    Does anyone have plans for a brooder that works good ?
  18. jokker1978

    Can I cross breed these birds?

    Quote: lol that is too funny ... i have a bannie roster the mates with everything that moves in my chicken yard buy the bannie hen ... i dont really thing size matters if he knows what to do
  19. jokker1978

    OMG...First time candler here!!!!

    just dont do like me i tryed a candle to do it with hence the name .. yo candle an egg
  20. jokker1978

    day 1 on 96 eggs

    oh my what on gods green earth are you going to do with all those if they hatch ?
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