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  1. James Hudson

    Egg laying starts when?

    from 22 weeks to 6 months
  2. James Hudson

    Laying box tray\liner idea.

    What a great idea you had gave me, thanks
  3. James Hudson

    More progress and the pen has been started

    Nice pictures, you gave me some cool ideas to implement right now.
  4. James Hudson

    nesting boxes

    Quote: I agree with you RendonRoo
  5. James Hudson

    I made a hanging feeder and waterer!

    Nice pics I made some a while ago.
  6. James Hudson

    Mobile coop DONE!!!

    Nice chicken mobile coop
  7. James Hudson

    Coop and Run done! Pics!

    Really nice coop and really nice place
  8. James Hudson

    Coop ventilation fan pictures please...........

    Thanks for the pics, I was thinking to add some to my coop.
  9. James Hudson

    Arizona Heat and Chickens don't mix.... HELP!!!

    Well Arizona is really hot place, be sure they have plenty of ventilation and see how it goes. I hope everything turns out fine
  10. James Hudson


    Quote: Thanks for the advice
  11. James Hudson

    New A-frame tractor and new chickens

    nice chicken coop, congratulations can you put more pics
  12. James Hudson


    haha I'm kindda shy, thanks for the invitation, however I'm somewhat busy adding some stuff to my coop. Thanks!
  13. James Hudson


    great story, I haven't experience that, well thanks for the story, interesting read.
  14. James Hudson

    Completed coop and run, first time!

    Nice coop, can you post more details
  15. James Hudson

    My babies are 9 days old now and going strong!

    Sounds like a really happy chicken family great
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