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  1. audrey02026

    Easter Ducklings

    I'm putting a few Anacona Duck eggs in the bator this morning. I have never incubated Duck eggs before, lots of chicken eggs but no ducks. I am told they take about 28 days which is awesome as I just realized that brings to me right about Easter!! What could be a better time to hatch. I would...
  2. audrey02026

    Egg eater question

    I have found the sticky yellow yolk remnats more than a few times over the past few months. So today I go to collect the eggs and I have 6 in the same nest but it's not the usual nestbox they lay in. anyway there was deninatly a eaten egg/eggs because all the other eggs have the yolk on them...
  3. audrey02026

    Spash EE Cockeral

    Hi I'm Bob. I am a healthy teenage (3.5 months old) Splash Easter Egger cockeral hatched out in April this year looking for a good home. In order to keep the rest of my flock this dude needs to go so the neighbors don't complain. He's just beginning to crow & is very well mannered. Free to a...
  4. audrey02026

    Hen/s eating eggs?

    I was hoping somome could give me ideas on how to tell who is eating my eggs. I have noticed on several occaions that in one of my nextboxes there is yellow stains on the shavings from an egg being eaten. I usually get between 7-9 eggs a day and I have still been getting about 6-7 a day so...
  5. audrey02026

    Cockeral or Pullet also what do you think about the spash ee in the background??

    This was a sexed female from a hatchery....I think they made a mistake. he/she is 12 weeks old yesterday a blue red laced wyandotte. What do you think???
  6. audrey02026

    Chicks ok to go back in coop at night?

    I have 32 chicks ranging from 6 weeks to three weeks old that have been outside in their coop for about 2 weeks now. I do not yet have a run for the coop and would like to let them out to free range only while I'm home to watch them....however I'd rather not have to chase them to get them back...
  7. audrey02026

    BCM Sex??

    What do you think Roo or Pullet? The only BCM that hatched. My luck probably a roo. It's 4 weeks old in this picture.
  8. audrey02026

    Power outage with eggs in incubator

    Hi All, I had the power go out while I was sleeping for about 4-5 hours last night. I have about 19 eggs in the incubator on day 15. When I got up the power was back on and the temp was back up to 100. I didn't have time to candle them besides too light in that room during the daytime. I...
  9. audrey02026

    What are your thoughts on this?

    I have been incubating chicks this entire month. I was planning on putting the chicks in my spare coop until the coop being built for them has been finished so I do not have to keep them in the house. Well I had two of my older hens go broody so I put them in that coop to hatch some chicks...
  10. audrey02026

    Chicks too hot in incubator?

    I had five chicks hatch today and I had one more egg that had piped. The temp was about 102 and the humidity 75% due to the hot weather here today it was difficult to keep the temp down. Anyway I noticed that the chicks were breathing heavy and had their beaks open. So I put the piped egg into...
  11. audrey02026

    sex link chicks?

    I bought eggs off ebay that said sex links and so I thought that when they hatched I would be able to tell the sex but they are all yellow with white feathers coming in. I asked the guy I purchased them from and he said both females and males would be white and that I can't tell until they get...
  12. audrey02026

    Sex Link Chicks?

    I bought some eggs off ebay that said they were red sex link eggs. They just hatched and they are all yellow. I emailed the guy to see what they should look like. He said that they will all feather out white and that the guy he bought the chickens from said the only way to sex them would be...
  13. audrey02026

    Setting at the same time developing differently?

    I set 13 Golden Laced Cochin eggs 10 days ago. I candled them and 5 were clear, 3 I could see movement and 5 had lots of red veins didn't see any blood rings. My question is it possible that the ones with veining are just developing slower than the rest or are then bad eggs?
  14. audrey02026

    Incubating in egg carton question

    I ordered way too many eggs and I am going to have to use the incubator that I bought as a hatcher. I plan to put my eggs into this incubator in the egg cartons and just put something under one end to raise it as a turning method. I will do this until I can make space in my other incubator due...
  15. audrey02026

    Thermal Hova Bator Picture Window Incubator 1582R

    Anyone have one of these. I got it to be a hatcher. I have the 1588 model and they are completely different. My 1588 I just turn it on and it gets the correct temp and pretty much stays there. This one I have had on going on 3 days now and temp hasn't gotton over 93F. I read that you should...
  16. audrey02026

    MPC Hatching eggs???

    Anyone here ever have any luck with My pet chciken's hatching eggs? I ordered about 18 eggs last year and only one hatched and most of them were clear at day 18. This was my first ever hatch so I thought maybe it was me. Right after that hatch I tried again but with shipped eggs from ebay and...
  17. audrey02026

    Eggs R they still good?

    I have a broody sitting n eggs in a coop all by herself. That was until a dog attacked one of my other hens and I was worried about her getting picked on so I also put her in the coop with the broody. I went away friday night and came back this afternoon. I moved the Broody to see her eggs...
  18. audrey02026

    Coop w/Broody or Brooder in house?

    So I know i'm counting my chickens before they hatch but I was curious. I have a broody in a coop all by herself sitting on eggs. I also have eggs in an incubator set at the same time I gave her the eggs. I was planning on giving her all the babies that hatch thinking they are shipped eggs...
  19. audrey02026

    Broody questions

    I have a couple of hens that I think may be going broody...A silkie and a Bantam frizzle Cochin. The silkie lays on eggs all the time and I just take them from her...she doesn't seem to annoyed by this and she does occasionally go outside. This has been going on for a few weeks now. Today I...
  20. audrey02026

    Only 4 eggs today

    Okay so I've been recently getting 6-8 eggs a day from my 9 hens that are laying. I didn't check the coops this morning as I was running late. I came home at noon to check and there was only 1 egg in my large coop and only 2 in the small one. The small one is about right there is only 1 more...
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