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  1. Sunburnt


    Can someone tell me which brand/type for this? I need it spelled out so when I go to the store I don't buy something that will poison my chickens. thanks.
  2. Sunburnt

    Trap door on bottom of former hutch coop - need ideas!

    I am almost done with my coop and need some input here. There is a hole in the floor plenty big for an exit but I am just not sure how to construct a trapdoor that will be very secure. I am not builder - I have some skill as I love putting stuff together but that's about it. I might shorten the...
  3. Sunburnt

    My chick "sharpens" it's beak

    Has anyone seen this before? It appears to be sharpening it, like you would a knife. I do suspect this BR is a roo - does this appear in roo's? Just curious.
  4. Sunburnt

    BR experts: any guesses on this chick?

    I've seen some very good advice on sexing BR's on here....if anyone would like to take a guess at my BR in the pic below. I don't know why I am convinced he's a roo, when the others could very well be! Anyone who takes a gander, thanks a bunch for looking. The folks we bought them from were...
  5. Sunburnt

    Newbie here - doing well!

    I'm just saying hi. I have been following this site for awhile. I'm amazed at how helpful and supportive it is. I have three chicks - getting a fourth - a bantam, hopefully. Two RIR's and on BR. I love them all already. They are odd and wonderful things. We are doing pretty well. Pasty butt...
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