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  1. JoePa

    Holy Mackerel What an Egg

    No pictures were taken - if it happens again I will take a picture - probably never happen to me again -
  2. JoePa

    Holy Mackerel What an Egg

    I got 9 hens - RIR/BarredRock mix - they have been laying for about a month now - usually get 3 or 4 eggs each day - well yesterday I go out to check the nests for eggs - there are 4 eggs in one nest - 3 what I would consider small eggs and 1 humongous egg - this egg was what I would consider a...
  3. JoePa

    Advice needed please reply

    From what I read you can bring diseases home by just visiting some chicken place especially if the place is dirty - diseases can get on your clothing and shoes and then get transferred to your chickens
  4. JoePa

    Anyone catch their own fish to eat?

    Just some thoughts - using Goldfish for bait is a bad idea - that's how you get unwanted fish in a lake. or river - probably illegal in most states - I been fishing all my life - mainly here in Pa. and in Ontario Canada - love fishing and love eating the fish I catch - as far as worms are...
  5. JoePa

    My Husky is killing my chickens and ducks, I need help!

    Once the dog started killing chickens he had too much fun and you'll never stop it from doing it again - you always got to keep them apart - you are basically fighting against nature - I wouldn't let he chickens out to roam the yard anymore _ keep them in the coop
  6. JoePa

    Hatched his rooster 15 years ago, what is this established elderly homeowners rights agenst new 8 year old housing devlopments complaining.?

    One. thing I have learned over the years is that there are a lot of uninformed and stupid people and the sad thing they vote - there is a gun club not too far from where I live - the club has been in existence over 60. years - people started. building houses near the club and then tried to stop...
  7. JoePa

    New member from Ontario, Canada!

    Be careful when you hold a chicken - it can accidentally peck your eye very quickly
  8. JoePa

    What kind of Snake is This? (Plus Strange Preservation)

    Thats a snake skin - I find them all over the place - snake shed their skin every year - they usually find a hiding place to do it - it is hard to tell what kind of snake it came from because the true colors are not present
  9. JoePa

    Tips for getting through first cull.

    I am a hunter - shot hundreds of animals over my life span - here’s the way I look at killing an animal - everyone of them will eventually die - if your talking about a wild animal like a deer it will die either from starvation ,disease ,being hit by a car , torn apart by a bunch of coyotes or...
  10. JoePa

    Squeamish in my old age

    Speaking of eating everything - my son had a Chinese guy stay with him for a couple weeks - this guy lived in China and was here on a business trip - couldn't get home on account of the virus - the first time we had chicken for dinner we watched him eat everything on the chicken except the bones...
  11. JoePa

    Dual breeds worth it if only harvesting the cockerels?

    Wow that picture sure saids a lot
  12. JoePa

    Killed my first rooster yesterday

    It seems to me that a lot of preparation is needed if one uses this helium method - also things could go wrong and death is not instantaneous - to me it seems chopping a bird's head off with an axe is as quick a death as can be obtained - in a split second the head comes off and the bird is...
  13. JoePa

    Healthier Eggs for consumption?

    Let’s think about this for a moment - store bought eggs are raised in a closed environment - free range chickens are more likely to get parasites and thus require some sort of medicine to get ride of them - also requiring a period of no eating eggs - I am not sure that eggs from free ranging...
  14. JoePa

    Wood ashes

    I thought I would put a bucket of wood ashes in the chicken run so they can dust themselves if they want to - the stupid things started eating the ashes - hope it doesn’t make them sick - boy you never know what they will do
  15. JoePa

    Chilled Chickens

    Sounds to me you might think of getting a different kind of pet to take care of - maybe a husky
  16. JoePa

    Is my understanding correct

    When a chicken eats grid that we gave it - the grid ends up in the croup where it remains until it gradually moves to the gizzard - there it is used to grind up the food that the chicken eats - the grid stays in the gizzard a long time until it slowly grinds away - at that point the chicken...
  17. JoePa

    Official BYC Poll: What Is Your Perspective On Chickens For Meat

    Years ago I bought 5 chicks from a. hatchery that sold only hens if ordered that way - this was my first go at raising chickens - ate the eggs and was thankful for them - then as time went on over time a hen would die - I didn't know why so I just threw the dead hen out into the woods for some...
  18. JoePa

    Mold or algae on water container

    Maybe. your well water is bad - have it checked out
  19. JoePa

    Wondering why my chickens won’t use their perches at night?

    I may be wrong but to me it looks like the 2X4s are too high and it is too hard for the chickens to get up on them to roost
  20. JoePa

    Vinegar in water

    I find just the opposite - the acid keeps it from getting slimy
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