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    chopped blood feathers, lots of blood on tail, antibiotic?

    Hi, one of my EE came out of the coop this morning with tons of blood on her tail. After taking a look at it I see there are about maybe 6-7 large blood feathers along with a few smaller ones that are chopped off, they are now about an inch and shorter long. I know all of my chickens well and I...
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    Hen stopped laying from stress? not sure

    We have a 7month old hen named Abby (my profile pic is her as a chick), she is one of our best layers and all of a sudden she's stopped! Its been about 3 weeks now and still no eggs from her. One of our RIR has pecked a bunch of Abby's cheek feathers out on one side, the RIR has never done that...
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    New castle disease in southern California!!!!

    As of today there have been 43 confirmed cases of new castle disease in southern CA. 40 in SDB, 2 in riverside, and 1 in LA. I have heard they have gone to over 66,000 homes already and taken there birds away. Please be very carful where you go and practice good health safety with your birds to...
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    Chick ate string!!!!Help!!

    Hi, I had stupidly put some yarn up in the coop for my chicks to play with, it was tied on a perch. Well later my sister came into the house holding one of our week old buff Orrington's with the yarn about 2-3in in her throat and the rest of it wrapped around her foot. I tried to gently pull it...
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    HELP!!5 week old cannibal! feather pecking!!!

    I have 23, 5 week old chicks, all of which have been doing fine until a few days ago, I noticed one of my EE had a strip of feathers missing down her back. I had though she did it to herself then I saw one of the others (dusty, another EE) pecking more. I took her out and checked the other...
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    Light brahma pecking feet feathers?

    I have a light brahma (chip) who is pecking the feathers her own feet. shes about 15 weeks old. It looks horrible and sometimes bleeds slightly, her legs just have sticks on them. I see no sign of scaly leg, is this common with feathers feet breeds? thanks for any help.
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    sour bread smell from feed? Is it bad?

    I just got a bag of feed from my local feed barn, It called "kruse's perfection brand" ITs a grower feed. When I opened it it smelled kind of sour, like sour bread. I've never had grower is this normal? Or has it gone bad? Please let me know how to tell if its bad. Thanks!
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    7 week old chicks, What to do with nest box?

    I have a dozen chickens, and they will be going out in the coop shortly (still in construction) for good. What should I do about nest boxes? Should I keep them out/closed? When should I introduce them(nest boxes)? I have heard that if you put them in to early they will learn to poop in them...
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    5 1/2 week old chick, limpng, lethargic!!

    Hi, one of my chicks "dolly" got a limp about a week or two ago and I have been keeping an eye on her and she gets up to eat and drink but sleeps most of the day. Last night I picked her up to inspect her foot (I don't see any signs of swelling or slipped tendon issues) and I noticed that she is...
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    Hen spurs? or roo? 4 1/2 weeks

    My chicks are about 4 1/2 weeks old and one (or more) of my RIR has small spur nobs on its legs. Is this only for roos? or can hens get it too? It was a little pointed. But the hackle feathers ( almost all in) looks flat/rounded at the ends, not pointed. What should I look for? I have 3 EE, 1...
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    4 week old chick eating pine chips?

    My buff orpington "dolly" has been eating small wood chip shavings, they are pine. Is this bad for her? She eats her regular food fine but I've also noticed that her crop looks a bit bigger then the others (I could be wrong). What should I do?
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    My cute brahma! 3 weeks old!

    This is freckles, she (I hope its a she lol) is 3 weeks old and is the most beautiful of my chicks, Are feet this feathery common? I think she's prize winning in my book! (I know nothing about chicken shows lol) What would you say? Not planning to show, just curious! Thanks!
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    Cheap chick waterer! No mess!

    You will need: 1 2-litter soda bottle (empty and cleaned with hot water) 1 2.5-litter soda bottle (empty and cleaned with hot water) 1 "The chicken fountain" nipple caps wire,scissors (toe nail ones work best) and . Cut the bottom and part of the top off of the 2.5 litter bottle, then put some...
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    Heat lamp? Cheaper way to heat?

    I have a 250watt Heat lamp bulb and its running my electricity bill up like mad. The chicks are 3 weeks old and still need heat. Is there a cheaper alternative? Something that uses less power? I'm switching to a 120watt now But will keep an eye on them. Thanks for any advice! -click cluck
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    Wing sex? boy or girl?

    Hi, I hope this is the right section to post this, I wing sexed my 12 chicks when they where 1 week old (give or take a day) but now I read that you can only do that between 1-3 days of hatch. Is that true? Now I'm worried that I might have a cock in there.( they looked like all pullets) They...
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    Limping 2 1/2 week chick, Mareks? HELP PLZ!

    My buff orpington chick started limping this morning, I've checked her foot and didn't see and swelling. Although it is turned inward slightly. Could she have sprained it? My chicks where not vaccinated for mareks, I didn't know that till after I bought them. How soon could they get that? I...
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    16 square foot brooder! Easy!

    Hello! This is the brooder that my mom built, its 4ft x 4ft wide and 2ft high. We built the floor with a 4ft x 4ft slab of press board. We then put a siding of 2x4s on that and added Painters drop cloth, Its a 9x12 ft sheet of thin plastic, we folded it up a few times and stapled it on. Just...
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    Coop ideas for WINDY place?

    I live in the High dessert in southern cal. And where I live its REALLY windy for 2 months of the year, I actually live next to an egg farm lol And I called the owner and ask him about the problems up here and he said my biggest problem would be the wind. Does any one else have this problem? I...
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    Can I put these breeds together???

    Hi I hope this is the right place to post this question, I have 6 RIR, 3 Ameraucana, 2 brahma and 1 buff orpington. They are 10 days old now and are in 2 brooders just so they have ample room. Im planning a coop now but..should I have two? Will some fight because of size? right now one of the...
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    Hello! I have 12 new chicks!

    Hello, I just bought 15 chicks on the 9th and sadly 3 of them have passed, they were very small and weak. So, now I have 12, I have made sure everything in the brooder is the way is should be. They are about 10 days old and are thriving! There does not seem to be any sign of disease, So all is...
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