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  1. ijon1

    Dead chicken

    Has anyone on the fourm had a chicken choke on whole corn? Had a Cornish and Freedom Ranger cross just up and die after feeding whole corn. Nice heavy bird too.
  2. ijon1

    freedom rangers

    My last Freedom ranger hen died yesterday from the heat. The first one died from egg prolaps. They were good laying hens. I did get three chicks from them with a dark cornish rooster. So far good looking chicks.
  3. ijon1

    Older rooster

    Anyone notice the skin gets real tough on a older rooster. Killed two yesterday, and had a hard time pulling the skin off. They were about a year old.
  4. ijon1


    Which hatchery has the best Delawares true to breed.
  5. ijon1


    Does anyone use a fish scale to keep track of their meaties weight.?
  6. ijon1

    Miller processing

    I found out today that Miller processing in Flowlerville Michigan is going out of business. Their landlord is not renewing their lease. They tried finding a different location, but no luck. Its a shame. Nice people.
  7. ijon1

    freedom rangers

    I sent eight FR to the Meyers processing today. I am happy with way they grew. They were nine weeks. I don't have a scale, but feel nice and heavy. I kept two pullets for my experiment.
  8. ijon1

    freedom rangers

    I have been wondering if Freedom rangers have Delware in them. My red roosters have a black lacing around their neck like a Delware. Any thoughts?
  9. ijon1

    Brunty farm

    When are we going to get a Brunty farm update on his breeding program?
  10. ijon1

    Buff cornish

    I have Buff cornish rooster and a hen. They have big boned, but no weight. When will they fill out?
  11. ijon1

    Cornish x

    I got a egg from my Cornish x four months old hen today. I am going to cross her with a buff cornish rooster.
  12. ijon1

    JM hatchery

    Does anyone near Flint Michigan would like to split a order of twenty-five Freedom rangers next spring?
  13. ijon1

    JM hatchery

    Are all JM hatcherys meat chickens stright run?
  14. ijon1

    Who else is hatching on Thursday

    I have twenty-four eggs to hatch. Just like I need more. I will have bring some to Michigan chickenstock.
  15. ijon1

    chicken cross

    Has anyone crossed a Chantecler and a barred rock?
  16. ijon1


    I have two chickens that act like they have a cold. Can any one tell me what this condition would be?
  17. ijon1

    New chicks

    I got sixteen little baby girls from Cackle hatchery yesterday. All Barred rock. I ordered fifteen and they gave me a extra chick. Nice people to deal with.
  18. ijon1

    Mi. Amerucana roosters

    I have three Amerucana roosters that I got from John Blemn in the spring. I will take five dollars a peice for them. Two are lavender banties and one is a full sized black rooster.
  19. ijon1

    impacted crop

    What do you do if your chicken has a impacted crop?
  20. ijon1

    dark cornish

    Will anyone going to chicken stock in Michigan have a Dark Cornish hen for sale?
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