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  1. AAJ

    peace with my rooster

    Hello, i just put my rooster in a cage by himself and plan on keeping him there for a few days due to the stess on my hens and my effort on ttying to make him calm. I was wondering what the best way to do this would be.
  2. AAJ

    sick looking chicken

  3. AAJ

    sick looking chicken

  4. AAJ

    sick looking chicken

    I have a sick looking hen and I was wondering if it would be okay to use Save-a-Chick supplement for her, she is about a year old.
  5. AAJ

    Cleaning Silkies

  6. AAJ

    Cleaning Silkies

  7. AAJ

    Cleaning Silkies

    Hi, Its pretty chilli outside now however it is warming up slowly, but when I have a moderate day i would like to clean my silkies. I was wondering what the best way to clean my silkies would be in weather like this.
  8. AAJ

    Lice on silkies?

    Hi, I have white silkies and often they shed some kind of white, dandruff stuff. Is this lice.
  9. AAJ

    Weird Behavior

    she might be broody or mean.
  10. AAJ

    wool sheep

    I have some silkies and am thinking about getting some wool sheep. Is it worth it?
  11. AAJ

    Duck fences

    Sorry,This is all I have for you. I don;t have ducks.
  12. AAJ

    Buying and selling chickens

  13. AAJ

    Buying and selling chickens

    Should I go to a chicken swap this saturday? Will there be anybody there? Also, should I buy some silver laced wyandottes if the person says they are hens and how to I tell if they are hens. They are about 6 weeks old. Please help.
  14. AAJ

    How do I tell the gender?

    I have white silkies and I hatch a lot of them. I know that they are not the easiest to tell the sex of, but there must be some way. I always have people wanting to buy hens that I don't have much of. I would like to know how to sex them so I don't spend much money on the roosters and end up...
  15. AAJ

    Urgent: Chicken leg injury

    tape a piece of pop-sickel stick on her leg.
  16. AAJ

    My chickens must be miserble.

    I have silkie chickens and since its been hot lately I have had a terrible problem with the fly's. How do I get rid of the flies. Also how do I keep my chickens cool during the summer. They are silkies, which get hot in the summer. Please reply.
  17. AAJ

    Introducing Chickens

    Thank You so much. Now my silkies will finally get along.
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