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  1. click cluck

    Review by 'click cluck' in article 'My chicken coop!'

    This is great! I wish I could say I only spent 10$ on mine, oh my lol. I will agree that you should put some bigger roosts in, You can sand down the edges of a 2x4 and put that in, have them perch on the wider part. I know how much work building a coop is, we have built 2! One 8'x16' and the...
  2. click cluck

    Review by 'click cluck' in article 'A Simple Way to Keep Chickens Cool for the Summer.'

    I myself have the same mister, I got it at Walmart. I like the way you attached it to the trees, creative! I attached mine onto my run fence since it was close to my faucet. The chickens do love them! Mine also like digging in the mud lol. Great article! I just wrote my first today as well on...
  3. Keeping your chickens Cool! (New content!!)

    Keeping your chickens Cool! (New content!!)

    Hi guys! Since today is so hot out I figured this is something I can do out of the heat. Outside my window right now its 118, but my chickens are just fine. Before I list any other methods of keeping your chickens cool I want to list the life saver, The hessaire swamp cooler. (note: swamp...
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