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  1. vickie2133

    This don't look like a chicken in my chicken coop

    It was pouring the rain and I guess since the chicken coop door was open, it looked like shelter from the storm. Needless to say I am surprised. I have had 4 ducks missing over the last couple of weeks, but coyotoes are so bad in my area that I can't swear it was this dog. It is so...
  2. vickie2133

    I got a phone call

    So I got a phone call from some neighbors a few miles away. They asked me if I wanted some chickens. Well you know what I said, of course, when do I need to come after them. So I go over there and apparently they had a skunk get into their coop last night and it killed a bunch of little...
  3. vickie2133

    Look at this craigslist for Lexington KY

    free ducks and chickens!!!!!! (carlisle) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2011-10-03, 8:21AM EDT Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  4. vickie2133

    Looky, looky

    This is my little filly born on 04/09/2011. Need name ideas. Thank you alot.
  5. vickie2133

    Mini's on craigslist

    I was looking on craigslist (as I do every morning). I saw these clicked on them and realized they were my cousins miniture horses. So I thought I would post the links on here. I have saw these mini's and the pictures do not do justice. Very healthy and cute...
  6. vickie2133

    Any clue what type of Rabbits these are?

    Both are does and I am wanting to get a buck to go with them, so curious on the breeds. Sorry about the blue tint, it ws a snowy day and my pics turned out like that.
  7. vickie2133

    My little hero

    This is Todd he jumped between me and a coyote, and charged at it giving me time to fire off a few bullets from my 22. Time to get a bigger gun to pack. He won't let me off the porch with out being by my side.
  8. vickie2133

    What do you think of this pony cart that I found on craigslist

    They said it needs a paint job and it is ready to go. 100.00 and is only a hr from me. This is for a mini. Now I have the cart, and the mini, now I have to find me a harness.
  9. vickie2133

    Just noticed this little get away,this is country

    Noticed this ad on craigslist this morning. $26500 / 4br - Incomplete chalet approximately 2 acres (Knox County, Kentucky) (map) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2010-10-17, 10:25AM EDT Reply to: [email protected]
  10. vickie2133

    Getting them Sat. (His name is Comanche)Pics on page 2

    Ok my mother told me not another animal species on the place lol, then asked me to find her one of these. I was only gonna buy the mare, the baby is only about 3 weeks old. I thought I was getting her in 3 months, now they called and told me I could have her now, and get the colt for free(it...
  11. vickie2133

    Look at what I found at Lowes today, what do you think?

    Lifetime 8'W x 5'L x 8'H Polyethylene Storage Building "Low maintenance - no painting, rust or rot. Sturdy, steel-reinforced construction. Dent-resistant, double-wall, high-density polyethylene panels. UV-protected to prevent fading and cracking. High-pitched roof" The regular price of this...
  12. vickie2133

    Look at this comb!

    This is the same chicken that is listed by my name. We has all agreed that it was a pullet at one time LOL, he sure fooled us.
  13. vickie2133

    My son thought he would sneek a kiss from his girlfriend and?

    They was outside filling the ducks pools up and thought they had no one around, they went to share a kiss (teenagers you know) LOL. when all of a sudden one of my little banty roosters flies up to my 6 ft sons head, right as they started kissing. He came in the house and told me about it, I...
  14. vickie2133

    My daughter's birthday goat

    Ok I will give credit when credit is due. My x husband and his wife got my daughter this present for her 11th birthday, and this is all she asked them for. I think they did good, she loves it. This is our first goat, and he was told she was preg., so in about 5 or 6 weeks, I reckon we will...
  15. vickie2133

    Just what did I get yesterday?

    Ok my Aunt and Uncle told me I could have their city ducks LOL, so I drove 2 counties away to get them, and the gray one is crested, but not sure of much else. She picked them up at the feed store, at Easter, and they are very large to be that age. Oh she said they were city ducks because they...
  16. vickie2133

    attending angels unaware

    Ok The title may not make sense right away, but there has been a stray cat appeared at my house this week, very pretty too. I of course have been putting a little feed out for it when I feed my other pets. I hate the thoughts of anything going hungry. So I feed it. Now this morning a black...
  17. vickie2133

    A Chick that smells like a wet dog!!

    Ok I know this sounds strange but I had a chick that hatched about 2 weeks ago, and so help me it smells like a wet dog. It had some leg issues upon hatching, and I made it some boots. It is able to stand now, but it toes are still turn around almost in a circle. It has become used to walking...
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