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  1. Ugly Cowboy

    Netherland Dwarf buck/ Oklahoma

    Howdy! I got a Netherland Dwarf buck, tan fur, bout 2 year old, and very, very gentle for sale. Someone who moved into an apartment a while back gave him to me cuz she couldn't keep him and I was the only person she knew who raised rabbits (well, actually she knows my Grandma, who told her that...
  2. Ugly Cowboy

    Sellin the rest of my rabbits

    Howdy all! I've decided to get outta rabbits, at least for a bit. What I've got left: broke castor standard Rex buck, a castor Rex doe and a sandy colored Netherland Dwarf buck that someone dumped on my porch a while back, very friendly. The standard Rex's are pretty hard to find around where I...
  3. Ugly Cowboy

    Shippin and hatchin egg prices

    Howdy! What's the standard shippin rates for shippin 10 eggs? And also, whats a fair price for 10 Silver Laced Bearded Polish eggs? I aint never shipped eggs, and I aint never sold hatchin eggs, so I really have no idea LOL!
  4. Ugly Cowboy

    Motorcycle racing!

    Anyone else here love road racing? I'm about to take it up, but I gotta go to a school for it & spend about $1000-1500 on the gear, bout $100 for a liscence, not to mention gettin my bike race-ready, etc. Now I gotta find a school... I've always wanted to race 'em since I was a very little kid...
  5. Ugly Cowboy

    New to ducklings...

    Howdy! Got some ducklings at Atwoods about 3 weeks ago, dont know squat about 'em, I didnt figure they'd be a whole lot different featherin out-wise than chicks, but I gues I was wrong, either that or something's wrong with these ducks LOL. So how long before they even start gettin any feathers...
  6. Ugly Cowboy

    Needed - Standard donkey gelding in Oklahoma

    Howdy! Need him to be as young as possible.
  7. Ugly Cowboy

    Really bad day deserves a really long rant

    Ok, first thing's first... Got up this mornin to feed one of my bosse's (got 2 dif. bosses) cattle, sheep, etc., (he stayed in the city overnight for Dr. visit) only to find that my folks (who was visitin) took my keys with 'em last night. So, short of hitch hikin, there was no way to get over...
  8. Ugly Cowboy

    Plantar warts! Dang it!

    Anyone else here get these and how do ya get rid of 'em?! I got 4 of 'em right now, and all I know is to NEVER dig 'em out (ask me how I know that.) How do ya get rid of 'em and fast?
  9. Ugly Cowboy

    Ostriches in OK?

    Anyone got any ostriches for sale in Oklahoma?
  10. Ugly Cowboy


    If ya ever see a skunk in the coop... NEVER shoot it while its inside the coop. It smells horrible, gets all over your poultry, and if ya miss once cuz the flashlight ya duct-taped to your gun keeps goin on and off every time ya shoulder it, you'll blow a whole right thru the coop. Make sure...
  11. Ugly Cowboy

    Long-Legged chickens

    What are them long-legged, Ichabod Crane lookin chickens called? Those are some of the neatest birds, but I caint for the life of me think of what they are!
  12. Ugly Cowboy

    Cochins in Oklahoma

    Howdy! Need some cochins hens! Willin to drive as far as OKC, maybe Norman on some Saturdays so if anyone has 'em around there, let me know.
  13. Ugly Cowboy

    Standard Frizzle Cochins?

    Is there such a thing? All I've ever heard of is bantam frizzle cochins, but that dont really mean squat!
  14. Ugly Cowboy

    My best buddy...

    Hey yall, please pray for my best buddy, he smokes like a chimney and he's killin himself (he's already on oxygen.) I know its hard to quit stuff (I aint never smoked, but I've done other stuff) but he needs to quit, I dont wanna lose the only real friend I got, he's helped me through some VERY...
  15. Ugly Cowboy

    Fried Green Tomatoes!!!

    I just ate fried green tomatoes for the first time and dear Lord, there downright good! If ya aint never tried 'em, do it! Salt 'n pepper 'em, dip 'em in milk, then flour, then egg, then seasoned bread crumbs, then fry 'em. Boy I caint tell ya how good they are, and I just felt like tellin folks...
  16. Ugly Cowboy

    Barred Rock vs Dominicker

    Ok yall, is there a true difference between a Dominicker (aint sure if I'm spellin that right) and Barred Rocks?
  17. Ugly Cowboy

    Why is my Button Quail goin bald?!

    Howdy! Well, I have a male button quail (Ghost) thats goin bald, he already is completely bald on his head and legs, and startin on his neck and back and such, but he's normal in every other way. Do they do that when lonely? I used to have another one, but he got his leg caught in a cage (a...
  18. Ugly Cowboy

    Needed in Oklahoma - Rabbits!!!

    Howdy! I need some rabbits over here, preferably somewhere around the Weatherford area, but willin to go a little ways off: New Zealand, Californian, Palomino, or Rex.
  19. Ugly Cowboy

    Meat Rabbits

    Howdy! I'm needin some rabbits, I'd really like Standard Rex's. Also, my buddy asked me the other day what happens if ya cross a mini Rex with a New Zealand? I dont have New Zealand's, so I caint answer him, but maybe someone here does. What would ya get? Would it be any good for a meat rabbit?
  20. Ugly Cowboy

    Poison Mushroom!!!

    Ok, some of my hens found a 'shroom and ate most of it before I got over there. I'm just makin sure it aint gonna kill 'em slow and painful. So will they be ok or...
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