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  1. channonchickens

    My Artwork!

    Hey these are some of my drawings, I will upload more. Please comment and please give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, please dont be mean.
  2. channonchickens

    !^*()harry Potter Quiz!()*^!

    Hello and welcome to the Harry Potter quiz! Test you HP IQ with this quiz! 10 questions, PM me the answers and I will post your score on a leaderboard on here. Let's begin: 1. What's the name of the platform that students at Hogwarts leave from? A. 9 3/4 B. 9 1/4 C. Hogwarts Platform 7 D...
  3. channonchickens

    !~~*H~O~G~W~A~R~T~S*~~! >>*a*Harry*Potter*RP

    If you think there are too many RPs and you want me to get rid of this, just say so. The Hogwarts Express pulls into platform 9 3/4. You wheel your trunk and owl, cat or toad towards the train. You load on your baggage. You walk to a carriage and open the door. "Hi" Harry, Ron and Hermione say...
  4. channonchickens

    What breed of chickens should I get?

    Hi Im currently in the process of building a chicken coop/getting chickens and I need some help. I need some advice of what breed to choose, I would need chickens that are good at laying, have non aggressive temprement + ones that dont need heaps of space (I have quite a bit but because I have a...
  5. channonchickens

    Color changing earlobes?

    One seccond I looked at my hens earlobes, it was red. The next it was white. What is going on?
  6. channonchickens

    The BYC Harry Potter Fanclub

    Hey fellow Harry Potter fans, I have created this page so fans of Harry Potter can talk about anything to do with Harry Potter! You can also ask questions (Im a bit of an expert) and if I dont know Ill look it up for you. Thanks, channonchickens
  7. channonchickens

    The BYC book club

    ~"*Welcome to the BYC book Club*"~ Hey everyone and welcome. In this bookclub you can discuss books, talk about styles of writing and chat about your favourite authors. Everyweek I will ask someone to request a book to be reviewed and I will review it. ~I hope you will enjoy this bookclub~
  8. channonchickens

    The BYC Drawing club

    :DHi everyone and welcome to the BYC drawing club. Here you can upload pictures of drawings you have done, talk about different styles of drawing, compare you artwork and discuss anything thats on topic. Members; animalloverrabh NewToFarming ChickLover98 tinychicky Would you like to join...
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