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  1. offmyroost

    Friendship at its best....

    Gloria looks like a force to be reconned with. Very sweet photo.
  2. offmyroost

    Herb Garden RIP

    "Thanks mom. It's perfect. Really."
  3. offmyroost

    Offmyroosts Member Page

    Ever since I can remember I have loved chickens. My grandmother had two ceramic chickens that came to me when she passed. I proudly display them on my hutch. I remember her telling me stories about her childhood chicken wrangling experiences--you know, the usual ones you'd tell your small...
  4. offmyroost

    the gentlemanly rooster

    I laughed until I cried after reading this post. I can so picture this. I have a very gentlemanly rooster. Perhaps I should watch him a little more closely.
  5. offmyroost

    Chickens are so satisfying to watch in the backyard!

    What's not to love about watching chickens. My husband says we should video them and watch them at night because watching them peck around and listening to their little chicken noises puts him to sleep.
  6. offmyroost

    friendliest breed ?

    I have three Americaunas that are probably in actuality EE's. They have green legs and cheek tufts and beards. One is a rooster who is very friendly and likes to be petted. The girls are exceptionally sweet. They follow me around when I do chores. I'm convinced they think they are helping...
  7. offmyroost

    First time layers.... I think our girls mad!!

    I'm convinced my girls (all new to laying) are all insane. My leghorns try to intimidate each other out of of their nesting boxes with a pterodactyl scream. Then they move in to the others former box. I'm convinced that one of them is only happy if she's sitting on two eggs. I had to remove...
  8. offmyroost

    Nest Box for Orpingtons

    My two orpingtons are BIG girls and they just started laying. I had the same concerns you do, but the 12 inch boxes haven't been a problem. Good luck.
  9. offmyroost

    First Egg Countdown

    Out of my ten girls, Pinky started laying at seventeen weeks and Blanche laid her first egg today at nineteen weeks. They are my only leghorns. I hope the other eight are taking notes!
  10. offmyroost

    Wedding photo update~ Don't one person yell at me/ coloring my chicken

    I just hosted my son's wedding reception at my house. the colors were purple and white. I made a purple beaded chandelier to hang over the purple wedding cake with edible flying butterflies and pearls. We made a large candy buffet lit up by strands of blinking lights. I thought that I had...
  11. offmyroost

    First Egg !!!! And a question

    That is so great! How nice to get eggs before you even anticipate them. Mine are almost 18 weeks. One of ten is laying. Several others are making strange noises and investigating the boxes. I check on them numerous times each day just in case. I can hardly wait till more of them lay. I...
  12. offmyroost

    Maple laid her first egg today! Pic

    Well I think Pinky is making up for the fact that her first effort was less than stellar. She squacked for hours in the coop and made a little nest in the corner. Finally she came running out, hopped on a huge tree root we use as an outdoor roost, and let the first egg plop in the mud about...
  13. offmyroost

    Maple laid her first egg today! Pic

    Congratulations. This is a red letter week for egg laying. My leghorn, Pinky, also just started laying. She has layed an egg a day for the last 6 days. She is the first of ten pullets and she makes sure everyone knows how special she is. The last two days she has climbed in her box several...
  14. offmyroost

    My new chickens are broken!

    Mine like string cheese, raisins, and melon rinds. They also love scratch. Good luck!
  15. offmyroost

    How many roosters are too many?

    Thank you all for your compassionate replies. I guess I will wait and see what happens. I have several friends who have said they would like a quiet rooster. Hmmm.
  16. offmyroost

    How many roosters are too many?

    Well it's official. Flo is really Floyd. He is about 3 1/2 months old and he had all the signs but today was his first crow. Unfortunately, in my flock of fourteen, Abigail is now Abe, and Winona is now Wyatt. That means that I have 3 roosters and 11 hens. Since I am new to chicken raising...
  17. offmyroost

    My barred rock honks like a goose.

    I have two buff orpingtons. Both honk like geese. I also have two barred rocks. Neither honk, but at just over 3 months of age they both peep alot at me. We have great conversations.
  18. offmyroost

    sleeping packed in front of the main coop door

    Our lowest temp in the coop has been 45. I don't think they were cold. the coop is well insulated and there is about four inches of straw on the floor. I guess I don't know how cold tolerant they actually are. How can I dim the lights and still keep them on a timer? I also have seen...
  19. offmyroost

    Imaginations Needed!!

    We turned an old porch into a two room coop. We keep the food and bedding in the second room, as well as garden supplies. If I could, I would put cabinets and even a counter in there. If at all possible, you might consider a second room.
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