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  1. Cryssie_Bou

    Idenitify this ROOSTER

    i got a batch of straight run chickens.. i know what everyone else is breed wise or mix wise but i have no idea about these two Im sure their both roos ...due to their combs and size .. anyone help ? thanks Everyone for any help Crystal
  2. Cryssie_Bou

    Rabbit Doe pulling fur

    I have a doe holland lop who yesterday started pulling fur.. around her head... mainly around one eye and today its around the forehead/nose area.. no clue as to why she is doing it my other rabbit in the cage beside her is fine.. and they havent faught or anything.. the skin is pink...
  3. Cryssie_Bou

    Help.. meaties killing themselves off

    what can I do about this.. the last week I have proceeded to go from 22 meaties down to 16.. 1 i killed cause she was injured but I lost 3 to unknown 1 was at the far end of the coop.. looks like he just dropped.. i had 1 i due is from dog piling cause he was in by where they normall...
  4. Cryssie_Bou

    possible injured wing or something...

    Cornish X Hen possible broken wing or foot problem.... just went out to replenish the water supplies and i noticed one laying ont he ground which isnt unusual... buti had to use a shovel to reach the water dish that is in their enclosure since they had it moved way across the run ... I'm...
  5. Cryssie_Bou


    i have 3 going on 4 week old meaties when do i switch them from the chick starter to the other feed???? can i do it this week or wait longer..Just wondering as I am almost out of my last bag of chick starter and was wondering if i could switch them also Can i do the same with my red sex...
  6. Cryssie_Bou

    4 day old chicks

    My 4 day old meat king chicks apparently think their waterer is a bath tub.. they have managed to get soaked... ALL 25 of them... right now i have a heater on and their light trying to get them dry ofcourse it would have to had been sugar water on top of it.. How am I gonna get them...
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