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  1. Zantechick

    The newbies

    Opps i accidently bought some new babies when when drove past the chicken man .......... i think i have a problem crazy chicken lady 😀😁😂. Need some name inspiration
  2. Zantechick

    Unsucessful hatch 😢

    Sad day today checked on mummy hen louise this morning been giving her watermelon cos was worried she not having enuff water and its hot, so thort there was a piece under her but it was a dead chick must have tried to hatch during the night. It was still abit attached to the egg shell . Could...
  3. Zantechick

    Yeah sucessful candling

    Got a broody girl her first set didnt hatch they werent fertile, long story short the cockrel (whoes decided to live with us from next field) had only been around for around a week when she'd started brooding So we put 7 fresh ones under her . I knew they were highly likely to be fertile now...
  4. Zantechick

    Am i doing it right for my broody girl?

    I've had to cage her in so the other hens climbing on her pushing her off the nest i was worried for her and for them breaking the eggs she got space to stretch her legs and her own food and water. Also covered the top so the other hens cant get in but i can get in to clean etc. Is this ok ? She...
  5. Zantechick

    Got a broody girlie😀😁

    Im soooooo excited (try to not count my chickens till they've hatched tho😂) Very strange as they are hydrid golden comets and apparently rarely incubate there eggs anf its her first egg season started to lay in january. But she is definately brooding. We have got a cockrel , bob (decided to...
  6. Zantechick

    Encouraging a hen to lay nearby again?

    We have a hen who has separated heself from the rest of the flock. Think it was because of 1 of our roasters, he was very big causing damage to the hens feathers and bodies. He unfortunately died after a dog attack (maybe things happen for a reason) now we are left with just the 1 rooster who...
  7. Zantechick

    New babies

    Yeah got my 8 new 20 day old girlies today to add to my 5 big girls and 1 big boy. (Lost a few of the orginal flock due to summer heat and 1 dog attack ) looking forward to the excitment of first eggs again around end january. They golden comets so anytime after 4months old Inspiration for names...
  8. Zantechick

    Loss of 1 of my baby girls

    Hi just had to put down 1 of my girls just wondered if any1 on here can advice as what they think it could have been. Didnt really notice much wrong with goldie as she is quiet and placid anyway she a 5 month golden comet they all have been laying for a month (or assuming she was as all the...
  9. Zantechick

    Got our first eggs

    Whoop whoop got my first eggs from my 4 month old golden comets sooooo excited first ones were rubber eggs but getting there lol. My babies are all growed up yeahhhhhh!
  10. Zantechick

    Ready for laying?

    Hi im a fairly new chicken mummy. Just wondering how to tell if my golden comets ( 4months) are readying for laying just thought because kellogg the cockrel is mating with them , does he know? think their squatting (or some are)their combs are now obvious and quiet red but not as red as hetty my...
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