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  1. chickengirl2014


    I have a barnvelder rooster and a silkie hen I want to breed them and wonder what the outcome is any photos??
  2. chickengirl2014

    Review by '' on item 'Rhode Island Red'

    I have one RIR she is like a bff hen super nice I feel bad for her though cause the others get any treats we give them before her, the roosters are not nice though just a little too protective over their hens... Yep he had to go... Ps the RIR is less then a year old and is already a amazing...
  3. chickengirl2014


    I have a golden comet hen who i think is broody she her stool is huge and she is always on the nest she was born In February 2014 do you think she's broody?? And also is there a way to get all female eggs?? or can you give the broody day old chicks? is it ok to mix breeds?? (Not same as mom) and...
  4. chickengirl2014

    Silly chickens

    This is a contest for chickens who are silly like... alot, contest ends on November 31st
  5. chickengirl2014

    Da' Cute and Cuddly Call Duck thread!

  6. chickengirl2014

    I wanna get ducks need info

    Hi I need a ton of info I have chickens, so I know about brooders but nothing about hatching and raising pet runner ducks which is exactly what I wanna do please all the possible info need duck knowledge
  7. chickengirl2014

    Cute chick contest

    Is she doing good now?
  8. chickengirl2014

    Can you hatch a chickens first egg??

    haven't seen mine yet :(
  9. chickengirl2014

    Can you hatch a chickens first egg??

    How old does the rooster need to be mine is about 21-22 weeks
  10. chickengirl2014

    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    Not Shure which chicken probly golden comet Would have helped if a posted a pic lol
  11. chickengirl2014

    Can you hatch a chickens first egg??

    I have a rooster and 20 something hens and one just laid a egg is the first one incbateable?? This egg looked big to me
  12. chickengirl2014

    Cool cross breeds!

    Dagirls, how is that baby chicken doing?
  13. chickengirl2014

    pics of baby chicks!!

    One looks like a EE or Rhode island red
  14. chickengirl2014

    Egg rescipes

    Hi i have like 25-30 chickens (Some i cant tell apart) and more on the way cause silkies finally became avalible and i am gonna try to sell 15 a day Leaving us with 15 but we dont eat alot of eggs so i need Some recipes involving eggs to help not waste any, Bye
  15. chickengirl2014

    pics of baby chicks!!

    They are all so cute!!
  16. chickengirl2014

    pics of baby chicks!!

    Here is one of mine This is: marylin (i think it Might be Tiffany) She is 6 weeks old The breed is: EE Yeah Actually i think thats Tiffany...
  17. chickengirl2014

    pics of baby chicks!!

    hi in this thread my goal Is to get at least 3 pages of pic of your new chicks!! please under 10 weeks old unless they are very slow growing and still are just like little chickies!! they can be self hatched or bought from a hatchery or store also your pic should look like this (unless you don't...
  18. chickengirl2014

    New Americauna chick owners!

    Remi looks like mine named marylin... Get Them at rural king? Maybe they are sisters... Lol
  19. chickengirl2014

    Any partrage silkie eggs?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any partrage silkie eggs for sale with a minimum order of 3 and kinda inexpensive? Thanks! <3:):yiipchick
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