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    2 month old Barred Rock Hen or Roo?

    I ordered 8 barred rock roosters from a hatchery. One of which turned out to be a Black Jersey Giant, now I am worried one is a hen. The chicken does not have a filled out tail and the feathers are rounded, I should be able to tell for sure by now? Right? I took some pictures this morning, one...
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    Rooster? (2 months old)

    It is an ISA Brown, I got a strange chick two months ago it had a black dot on its head, the rest didn’t and now this kind of looks like a rooster to me. Coincidence? This is also my first year with Calico Princess tho... so I’m not sure
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    Hoover’s mystery chick?

    Yep! The feet are definitely yellow! That also would explain why it is already larger than the other chicks. Thank you!
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    Hoover’s mystery chick?

    I believe this chick was SUPPOSED to be one of the barred rock chicks we ordered. But it’s not looking like the rest... it doesn’t have any barring and has a little white on the underside. He is about 2 weeks old
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    External pip out the side?

    The chick broke through the shell this morning, maybe 11 hours ago. the chick is very noisy! So I believe she’s healthy, I’m just worried because it looks like her beak is not near the hole either... and it appears there is a bit of blood on the opening she created... this is only my second time...
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    Chicks killed upon hatching!

    Perhaps separate them into a separate, temporary, pen. I’m not sure what else to do in your situation! D:
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    14 week Death Layer

    Those definitely look like rooster tail feathers to me...
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    Eggs on Day 75

    Have you candled them at all? You should be able to tell if they’ve developed to the point of hatching. Or if you can’t see in with the candling, try to listen and see if you can hear any peeping.
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    California White Roo x Barred Rock Hens

    They should be on Day 10! I’m starting to get addicted to incubating XD I hatched some duck eggs this spring and I thought I’d have to wait until next year to be able to do it again!!!
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    Eggs on Day 75

    What kind of birds are you incubating?
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    California White Roo x Barred Rock Hens

    Most of the eggs have started developing, 3 of the eggs come from Silkie-mixes, so I’m excited to see what comes from them! I’ve never owned a Silkie before but they look so nice, I hope these babies grow and come out healthy! So far two of the Silkie eggs are still viable. I’m keeping the other...
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    Rehoming Bantam Roosters

    What state do you live in? Do your neighbors know anybody who owns chickens, those people might be willing to take them in? Perhaps put an ad up on a bulletin board in your gas station or local grocer?
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    California White Roo x Barred Rock Hens

    I have a neighbor who took our rooster and two of our barred rock hens. She hatched a batch of them and set another batch on July 1st. Unfortunately the roosters was killed, either in a dog fight or raccoon fight. She’s giving us a batch of 14 eggs. I’m not sure if she staggered them or if she...
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    Sexing?? Also why are they losing so many feathers

    Ok! Thanks, I’ll be listening! :)
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    Sexing?? Also why are they losing so many feathers

    The ducks are about 10 weeks old. We have two Pekins and two White Layers. We believe one of the Pekins is a drake and one is a female, but we have no idea about the white layers because they are so close to the same size! Is it still too early to tell? This is our first experience with ducks...
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    2021 BYC Calendar - We Need Your Pictures!

    Here’s my first submission! :D I know it’s not the *best* quality, but I love this picture of my girls. I’ll definitely be back with a better quality image for my second submission!
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    Sapphire Gem with black tipped comb

    She’s nearly two months old! I have a couple Sapphire Gem chicks, but as far as I can tell, she is the only one with the black on her comb! I’m not sure if the others with develop it with age or if she’s just special :) they’re very loving birds! :D
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    Sapphire Gem with black tipped comb

    It must be a thing of the breed! They’re beautiful birds so far, I hope it develops into adulthood. This is my first experience with Sapphire Gems :) could I see a full picture of your girls?
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    Sapphire Gem with black tipped comb

    I was out sitting with my chicks this morning and when this lady hopped up on my lap I couldn’t harp but notice the black tips?! This is not frostbite, it’s summer, so I can rule that out. Does anyone have any experience with this breed and can tell me what it means? I’ve looked at other...
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