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    My Chicks I got Honey the BO, Pansy the GLW, Sweet Pea the RSL, and Speckles the Speckled Sussex at a feed store and brought them home and put them in a aquarium. They soon out grew it and I decided to put them in a dog kennel. I am workinng on building a coop for them, because they will...
  2. Fruit Juice

    3 week old Speckled Sussex gender? UPDATE: 7 week old pics!

    It has been a very long time since I have been on here, and I'm sorry I didn't update you earlier! Anyways, it was a hen! I still call her a he though.... I'll try and get some updated pics for you guys sooner or later.
  3. Fruit Juice

    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    first egg from Sweet Pea-Red Sex link
  4. Fruit Juice

    this makes no sense.

    Have they started to lay yet? Mine were like that too, but as soon as they started laying, they would stop and let you pick them up. If they haven' started, just be patient. they will soon enough.
  5. Fruit Juice

    She laid it!

    Tada! My first egg! Sweet pea the red sexlink laid it! this picture is a bit earlier than when she laid it her comb is much redder now.
  6. Fruit Juice

    Ripped combs! Disinfecting? Help!

    the cat must have come again, because they were freaking out again. I put them in their coop and they calmed down and flew up on the roost.
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    Ripped combs! Disinfecting? Help!

    My mom saw a cat near the coop and shooed it away, and after school I came to check on the and there faces were bloodied and one of their combs was ripped.There was blood on the wire, so they must have torn it in an attempt to get away from the cat! What can I do to disinfect?! Please Help!
  8. Fruit Juice

    Is she going to lay soon?

    20 weeks... still waiting
  9. Fruit Juice

    Is she going to lay soon?

    19 weeks... Her earlobes are turning red!
  10. Fruit Juice

    Is she going to lay soon?

    She is 18 weeks and her comb is a bright red, the camera dilutes it. Sher face has been red for around two weeks now.
  11. Fruit Juice

    Is she going to lay soon?

    Sweet Pea
  12. Fruit Juice

    Tasty Garden Treats

    My chickens DEVOURED my pumpkin plant. Not the fruit, The WHOLE PLANT!!!!!! The love pumpkin and squash leaves!
  13. Fruit Juice

    How can you tell when they're going to lay?

    I knnow about squatting, but is the a comb size or something? I know, I'm being impatient, there only 14 weeks, but I'd still like to know...
  14. Fruit Juice

    How do YOU get those beautiful orangey yolks?

    My chickens free range a couple hours a day. Will they get the golden yolks when they start laying?
  15. Fruit Juice

    I am clueless...

    I agree with the above post.
  16. Fruit Juice

    Black Star Sex-linked pullet from Hatchery looks like Roo

    Quote: No, it is a black star roo. It has too red a comb to be BR hen. It is a male black star!
  17. Fruit Juice

    are all my sweeties roos? prt 1(pic heavy)

    Quote: They don't fight because they don't have anything to fight for! (I think )
  18. Fruit Juice

    new long legged chicken breed.....................

    I once heard a mother at the zoo tell her son that the zebras in the exhibit were getting ready to pull santas sleigh.
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