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  1. jcfuente51

    2 cornish x sick please help me

    they eat verry verry little and hardly drink they are just laying thre with theyr feathers up smothly :( i dont wanna losse them for wha ti see im not sure but seems like they have fever or somethin like that also theyr poop its white solid smoth white :(
  2. jcfuente51

    2 cornish x sick please help me

    hello there i have 10 cornish x and yesterday 2 of them looked verry sick so i put them apart the syntoms are that they dont eat they just sit there like if they were really cold there feathers get really stking up like crazy please tell me what to give them to ure them they are now 4 wekks old...
  3. jcfuente51

    Broody has ruined my plans

    hey razadias how is your incubation going?? u probly about to go on lockdown any day soon right? i hope u hatch its going well.
  4. jcfuente51

    name of the website with all chiken stuff cinamoon rolls recipe

    Quote: omg thank you verry much i wanted to make them today but there was no way for me to find it lol but im making them for sure tomorrow... i will post pics of all my babys that i have been taking care there are a total of 38 from feb trough now and 2 hens sitting on eggs one...
  5. jcfuente51

    name of the website with all chiken stuff cinamoon rolls recipe

    i want the cinamoon rolls recipe i cant find the post some one help me please
  6. jcfuente51

    Borrowing A Rooster?

  7. jcfuente51

    Borrowing A Rooster?

    how far away are you from Sarasota Fl? I have Great roos!!!!!!!!
  8. jcfuente51

    Should I Help It? *update- what's wrong with it???

    wow at least he made it ok he may big due the big egg yolk or who knows the other pip that die was that big as well? how many eggs did u had total? what incubator are you using? i think a pic would be great to see that big boy of yours!!!!
  9. jcfuente51

    ugh so MAD

    Quote: true thats why its recomended to do anything else on hatch day movies gym shooping whatever else but watch the babys hatch
  10. jcfuente51

    How long after Peeps does Pip come? should i be worried?

    be patient,,, any updates yet???
  11. jcfuente51

    sorry for the post i dint think it was ofencive Im sorry

    sorry Im on my cellphone well I was I wanted to read an answer by the time i get home hehe Then have moved the post to a diferent forum where it belows i didnt think these comunity was as big the yhave hundreds of forums cheers
  12. jcfuente51

    Breeding question please son & mom !!!!

    sorry for the post i didnt think it was ofencive sorry sorry Post is not offensive. Choice of words just needed to be changed. If you are not familiar with the English language, it is easy to substitute words that could be used in a different context. I hope you got the answer to your...
  13. jcfuente51

    Please help me fix a babys leg pic added"MORE PICS"

    heis acting the same way altho he learned to walked on one leg wit hhis bandaid but only with one leg still he does has movement on the leg he just doesnt wanna step on it i wnana do that so he could put some body weigh on the leg but i cant because the good leg its...
  14. jcfuente51

    Breeding question please son & mom !!!!

    Quote: yeah thst scarry i think i would eat the roo instead..
  15. jcfuente51

    Breeding question please son & mom !!!!

    Quote: Not sure if I understand the question??? sorry
  16. jcfuente51

    Breeding question please son & mom !!!!

    wow thank you the thing its that i have a naked neck hen and from all the eggs she has layed during hatching we only get 2 out of 10 eggs thats are nacked neck babys the rest dont and i wanted to see if i can breed her with her son from last year that its also naked neck, i just...
  17. jcfuente51

    Breeding question please son & mom !!!!

    I have heard that if i want to clen my breed dad roo must breed with dougthers hens and or son roo must breed with mom hen? is that true friends have told me that if i want to clean and have pure breed i must do that, that just to be carefull that brothers roos with sisters hens put...
  18. jcfuente51

    How long after zip?

    nothing yet? any movements?
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