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  1. hillfarm

    How many chickens do we all have? 60,083 and counting.

    49,496 + 13 = 49,509 I wanted to add my 13. It would of been 16 but my dog got snacks. Now he stays in his pen/run while we finish fort knox. Bad dog. grr.
  2. hillfarm

    Bantam welsummer. Roo/pullet?

    very pretty lil boy.
  3. hillfarm

    our coop underway pics

    I did a lot of research on here and the human size door was mandatory. I want to get inside to clean comfortably and not lean over. My back is not good. The run is gonna be tall enuf to walk in also. I am looking forward to it. Thanks.
  4. hillfarm

    our coop underway pics

    This was a 200 dollar budget for coop and run. we were to garage sale and dumpster dive and craigslist. I am a cheap country girl. My husband is not. He is frugal but he doesnt like to work with inferior supplies soo.... I know at least 50 2 by 4s. at 2 dollars each so far so thats 100.00...
  5. hillfarm

    our coop underway pics

    thanks. those pics were from yesterday afternoon. we have a lot more done since. I will post more tomorrow. Its way more than i had expected. But hubby always outdoes the blueprints. love him for that and wanna strangle him for that sometimes. but he wants me to have the best he can give...
  6. hillfarm

    our coop underway pics

    oh and some details too. Its 4 foot by 8. 4 outside brooder boxes. a back poop door. vent windows and doors, covered in hardcloth. sitting on cinder blocks. Look forward to showing what first timers can do. It looks messy but we have lots more to go. So bare with us. Proud to share.
  7. hillfarm

    our coop underway pics

    Husband was tired of the old swimming pool frame covered in chicken wire I was using. So he is building this. What started as a simple lil coop is now in the 600 dollar range and we still need to buy supplies for the run. But the coop is going well. I will post more as we progress. Cant...
  8. hillfarm

    Buff orp pullet or roo? Help please!!!

    My buff orp roo is wonderful. And beautiful. He will be a sweet and loyal roo for your girls I bet.
  9. hillfarm

    are these two im confused on oegb's? thanks. cole. :-

    Im voting Easter Egger for your green legged one. They are great. Beautiful egg color and sweet birds and so pretty. The other one, IDK. But shes cute.
  10. hillfarm

    Is this a RL white cornish

    Thanks. Im thinking she's just a poor example. And I will try again to corner her for a photo op of her comb. She does not do photos well. Im thinking she has issue with her thick ankles. Just my opinion. LOL. Thanks guys. The input has been very helpful.
  11. hillfarm

    Is this a RL white cornish

    She has very yellow thick legs. a single comb and its miniscule. shes got dark brown and red feathers with cream colors. The feathers are red and brown with like a lace of white on the tips. She does look like a few of the white lace red cornish I have googled. She's from McMurray and they...
  12. hillfarm

    Is this a RL white cornish

    Heres another shot. Im still clueless. I really think she is some kind of cornish. But not sure what kind.
  13. hillfarm

    Is this a RL white cornish

    haha. l just caught that. Im dyslexic so I reverse things a lot. I got him from McMurray in the rare breeds. But not sure. I thought he was a WHITE lace RED Cornish. She has very thick short legs and thick chest. She's much bigger than the other chicks the same age.
  14. hillfarm

    A Good Morning for the girls and Two Cockerals

    great coop and gorgeous girls.
  15. hillfarm

    Is this a RL white cornish

    anyone got any ideas????
  16. hillfarm

    Funniest Places Eggs Laid

    in my lap. seriously. she loves her mama. Lately the girls have favored the compost pile, the dogs house. yep, he doesnt care, he just waits patiently for her to finish and when she comes out singing he goes in and sleeps next to em. I go and scoop em out. Funny thing is he wont touch...
  17. hillfarm

    Is this a RL white cornish

    Sorry Im referring to the one on the right. The black cochin and the exchequor I am pretty sure about.
  18. hillfarm

    Is this a RL white cornish

    This bird is big. We got her at the same time as the others and always called her big bird. She has very thick yellow legs. Always walks more upright like a roo. But she was yellow at birth and feathered out with this brown and white mess all over her back. Her head is very brown with some...
  19. hillfarm

    The Chicken Hater

    yep, he has caught the bug.
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