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  1. daylily

    New to keets

    Welcome NCgirl21, , JLeigh gave out some very sound advise. The only thing I would add is to have a top on the top of your box as they can fly by the end of the 2nd week! I let my dogs go nose to nose with the keets and lick them if necessary. we loved holding our keets and had fun with them...
  2. daylily

    Guinea Antics!

    The behavior you are describing of the guineas getting very low and crawling between their legs is them looking for their favor! Hahahaha! That the chickens just walk a way, is too funny. Yup the pecking order is a ritual into itself. I watched it often as one would try to take over the lead and...
  3. daylily

    Uh oh... found an egg today! ... - A journal of sorts, from finding eggs to hatching them... Update

    Okay I found four more eggs yesterday Pavi moved her nest back into our yard. I almost stepped on her she was so well hidden in the fern! I left two and she apparently laid there again. Now is it okay to add them to the incubator as there is only 3 days difference between the the two groups...
  4. daylily


    Amen to that! I hate bugs anyway but I did my share of catching anything that flew, jumped or scurried for those precious things! Good luck with the new babes!
  5. daylily

    Terrified Guinea Keets!

    Put a teddy bear in with them so they have something to cuddle with and hide under. Make sure you have a heat lamp on them. Good luck!
  6. daylily

    Uh oh... found an egg today! ... - A journal of sorts, from finding eggs to hatching them... Update

    Those are adorable!!!! You will really enjoy them growing up!!! Lots of color there!I am so happy for you!
  7. daylily


    Congrats on the keets! You guys will love them. The keets need to be on a higher protein starter mix, Either a medicated Turkey starter crumble or A game bird crumble starter mix. They grow slower when they have less protein. Also add grit and crushed oyster shell. they need the grit to digest...
  8. daylily

    when to move to hatcher? Need answer ASAP please!

    It will be fine to leave them til tomorrow morning when all are dry and hatched. I would avoid opening the hatcher while others are still Hatching. Is your hatcher large enough to handle them?
  9. daylily

    Lockdown temp question & feeling like a failure

    I am so happy for you Leigh! Even if you get the one! Now I am nervous for you!!!!!!! You have to post pics! I am on my second hatch with 7 this time and all are fertile! Let's see how many I can manage to ruin this time! Though I do have a better set up than last time.
  10. daylily

    Uh oh... found an egg today! ... - A journal of sorts, from finding eggs to hatching them... Update

    So good to see you back on Peeps! I was wondering what happened to you! Those are so cute! What do the little grey ones turn into? I was thinking of you today as I was watching my little flock as they were partially in the woods. There was some noises but no alarms so I snuck over to check it...
  11. daylily

    Uh oh... found an egg today! ... - A journal of sorts, from finding eggs to hatching them... Update

    120 Guinea eggs? That is surreal! Are you going to keep them all? Thats awesome! I have trouble with just my three! I have 7 eggs that i've set last week I cannot imagine more. But then again I am so new to this. I do not know about Cockatiels but a good friend of mine does so I will ask. Also...
  12. daylily

    any guess on colors?update-6 weeks old

    Haha! What size do you have? Yes they grow fast! We started with them in a box in the shower stall then moved to a huge storage container as they could fly and needed the height with a screen on top by three weeks they were able to fly to the top of that. So they moved to a medium sized dog...
  13. daylily

    My Babies-------

    OMG those pics are great! So cute that they are looking at you when you are taking picture! Good luck with your hatch those are some very cute keets!
  14. daylily

    the low is suppose to be 68 tonight, will my keets be okay?

    It would be so much better if they were in a brooder with a heat lamp. Keets just don't have the internal temp controls to be able to monitor a consistent temp. They are far too young to be on their own at this point.
  15. daylily

    any keets yet..? 2012 hatching thread anyone?

    JLeigh praying hard for those two and you, just a few more days!
  16. daylily

    Uh oh... found an egg today! ... - A journal of sorts, from finding eggs to hatching them... Update

    Mine will go into the incubator tomorrow morning all 7 of them so they should be ready July 5th! I'm warming everything to temp and humidity and should be ready by morning This will be my second attempt at hatching. The first group didn't hatch so I really counting on this one. Congrats...
  17. daylily

    What are the stages--keet to adult

    Chickadee. Welcome. Peeps is awesome! Feel free to ask anything you need or want about guineas. One of us will be there to answer and help.
  18. daylily

    Just One Keet

    I am so sorry about the chicks! Yes a teddy bear would be great. for him as well. You can also crush the crumble a bit and put it in warm water and let it make a mash with some dry crumbles on top. Dip the beak into food they will eat. always good for a sick bird. I also use sav-a-chick...
  19. daylily

    Just One Keet

    What happened to your baby to get hurt?
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