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  1. Oz chic

    Egg laying issue

    I have this one Isa Brown hen, Pricilla, who is 34 weeks old, she has been laying for 15 weeks. She started out a good layer, good hard shells, no problems at all. Fast forward till, I guess start of November or there abouts and issues started. Of a morning I kept finding a shellless egg under...
  2. Oz chic

    Last minute Christmas shopping - aargh what have I done

    So I am normally an excellent Christmas shopper, I am always so on top of it all, always have it all done by October, November at the latest, wrapped, done, ready to go. Not this year, I have left it till literally the last minute and have just now ordered some things online that have a huge...
  3. Oz chic

    Bird Netting + snow = bad idea

    When we made our chicken run, we put bird netting over the top of the run/coop to keep the wild birds from eating the chicken food. We had garden arches to hold the netting high, so walking under it wasn’t bothersom. We had done this many years ago when I had chickens with out a drama. So...
  4. Oz chic

    Oohhh look what Pricilla did

    :celebrateHer first egg:ya Is only small, but an egg none the less. And in the nest box too. She is only 18 weeks old yesterday. A week ago exactly she squatted when I walked behind her, so knew she wasn’t far off laying. I had only set up the nest boxes on the weekend, and she spent most of...
  5. Oz chic

    Hello from NSW Australia

    Hello I am from a small town in country NSW, Australia. I am getting back into raising chickens after a long break. Last week I adopted 5 Isa Brown girls, they are 17 weeks old Pricilla Hazel Peanut Vasy Fleury I got them at 16 weeks old, They seem to be settling in well. Thanks for the...
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