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  1. buddy#2

    Muscovy Ducks, new addition to yard

    I picked up 11 muscovy ducks and made a small temp. pen for them. A lean to, some food and a water trough big enough they get in it. I've raised chickens for 6 years now and found Homestead Layer feed to be great feed for the chickens. Does anyone use their duck feed. I was out of feed and...
  2. buddy#2

    Best feed for eggs?

    I found Homestead Layer feed that I think is great. Compared to the local mill its far better at making eggs than their stuff. What is everyone using out there. I thought of mixing my own stuff but time is very short for me each day.
  3. buddy#2

    What is your experience with two roosters together?

    SLW have been know for being aggresive. I had a few, gave some away and kept one. The ones I gave away attacked the farmers and mine started to attack me. All was ok in the pen til I introduced a new hen. Then the fighting started. Someone had to own that hen and they fought til one...
  4. buddy#2

    Name that breed!

    #2 looks like a Speckled Sussex #3 is a Silver Laced Wyandotte #4 could be a Golden Comet, I just raised 25 of them and one turned out to be a roo but couldn't tell
  5. buddy#2

    Can you sex it at 12 days old?

    Looks like a little phoenix chick I had once. Is it smaller than most chicks
  6. buddy#2

    Why does my Buff Orpington cock have different color tail feathers?

    I have an Orpington rooster just like him. He molted this past fall and a tail feather came out just like your rooster's. It could be as someone stated a recesive gene from breeding different kinds of chickens. I thought it was a little odd myself but I'm sure the rooster doesn't care.
  7. buddy#2

    ice free water

    I don't have electric at my chicken pens. I only have a few weeks of freezing weather here so I built a small wooden box with a hole cut in the top big enough to hold the waterer. Put in some sort of insulation (hay) and a large hand warmer. The hand warmer lasts about 10 hours. They don't...
  8. buddy#2

    How do you solve pecking in the butt/tail problems?

    If she is bleeding the others will go after the blood(red). This is a problem I had with some roosters. I separated the roo being picked on to let him regrow just as you are doing. There is anti pecking spray that may work. It is a habit that can be broke but may take some time. Hope...
  9. buddy#2

    pet rooster attacking certain coloured objects like my red santa hat!

    Red is a chickens favorite color. If a chicken has a cut and bleeds the other chickens will peck at it. Not because its a cut but because its red. Not much to do to stop it. Sorry
  10. buddy#2

    Speeding ticket...need advice

    Fight it! My brother gets tickets all the time and fights them. They drop the points sometimes and other times lower the charges and price of the fine.
  11. buddy#2

    two chickens died in two days. need help

    I put apple cider vinegar in the water. It helps with a few things and is cheap. Lots of vitamins and minerals in it.
  12. buddy#2

    Blue Seal Vs Homestead Feeds

    I bought Homestead feed just a few weeks ago. Haven't use it long enough to see any difference in laying. The chickens are going through a molt and its hard to tell whats going to happen. Another lesson learned, don't switch feeds during molt or in winter during reduced production. I was...
  13. buddy#2

    Do chicks get bored? LOL

    They can get bored. Throw in a handfull of grass or some bugs. Anything that would simulate them being in the yard would be fine. Could put a stick in for something to climb on.
  14. buddy#2

    Free ranging

    I've had chickens for 3 years. Always let them day range. Bordered by woods, creek, pastures and fields. When penned in the woods, they will not leave the woods. Penned up in open yard, will not enter woods. First year lost roo to dog, 2 hens to raccoon/oposum. Lately a grey fox has found my...
  15. buddy#2


    You can put a roost in any time you want. A chickens instinct tells them when to roost. Some times one chicken will roost and the others will soon follow. Usually not till they are around 5 or 6 weeks will they try to roost. I had 11 all huddle in a small shelter I made during the winter...
  16. buddy#2

    What would remove only the head?

    Racoons have been known to reach through a fence or hole and grab the chicken by the head and remove it. Don't know why. Other animals will eat only the insides of the chicken and not the meat. Guess it depends on what they hungry for
  17. buddy#2

    Egg question

    I would not eat them. It is best to get the eggs the day they are layed and either eat or put them in the fridge. At 75 they will have been too warm too long.
  18. buddy#2

    My chickens hold it till they're let out in the morning

    Mine poo all the time. Some when they are let out, some whenever. I find some huge piles in the coup and some out. Birds of the air just go whenever because they can't hold it. Don't know if chickens the same or if they can actually hold it.
  19. buddy#2


    I started using 1/4 teespoon of apple cider vinigar to 1 quart of water. Really seems to help.
  20. buddy#2

    Wanna give a newbie some Winter-tips?

    I made a shallow box out of 3/4" board. 10"x10" square, 3" tall which makes inside 1 1/2" deep. Cut a tapered hole in the top for a 1 gallon waterer with the red base (thats what I use, plastic is flexable and can break ice out easy). Make sure base sits in hole without many gaps. Place cloth...
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