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  1. TipperaryChickens

    Hen lame, help!

    Hi all I have a hen that is around 6 months old, only started laying about 3 weeks ago. She started limping pretty badly a few days ago and for past 2 days has been staying mostly in one of the nest boxes, although this morning is out but still limping. She is still laying. any ideas? Thanks
  2. TipperaryChickens

    Chickens wont leave the Coop

    Hi all Im new to keeping chickens. I collected 4 ready to lay hens at the weekend, I put them into the run at first (I read later it was probably best to put them in coop at the start to get used to new home). They seemed to be fine all day, eating well, didnt pay any heed to our cats checking...
  3. TipperaryChickens

    Windproofing Coop

    Hi everyone Im new to keeping Chickens and im just about finishing off my coop. The frame is made from 2x4 and I have timber cladding for the outside yet to be fitted. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to wrap waterproof breathable roofing felt around the frame before cladding to...
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