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    Is there a barbu danver/Belgian bantam thread?

    Hi there, I was wondering If there is an active barbu danver/ Belgian bantam thread here on BYC? Thanks, Fionn.
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    Hurricane Ophelia - Ireland

    hi all, Tomorrow here in Ireland we are supposed to get hit with the worst storm we have had in the last 50 years! Gusts over 130 km/h (80 mp/h) By the time it reaches Ireland it will be a tropical storm as the water temp is too cool for the hurricane to keep coming. My area is in a red warning...
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    Going to show this Sunday and hen has stated to moult!

    Hi all, I am going to a local agri show this Sunday. I had one of my coronation Sussex entered but the two hens have begun to moult. I suppose I can't take them now. I do have a young coronation Sussex which is around 4 months old. I was wondering is it worth taking her instead or just leaving...
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    Help Please

    Hi there, I was up around the chickens afew minutes ago and I heard something going on, In the pekin chicken coop. I went over and saw the mother hen and the pekin rooster attacking the grower. The grower is about 2 months old and he was in with his mom, Until today when she was running after...
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    *IRELAND* - gold partridge pekin bantam and cream legbar hatching eggs.

    Hi there. I have 12 gold partridge pekin bantam eggs. Desy Horners line. €18.00 for the 12 (€1.50 each) Parents have won prizes at shows. Lots of cream legbar hatching eggs €1.50 each. Parents haveve won prizes at shows Postage is €8.30 (per dozen) to anywhere Ireland. Sent me a PM to...
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    Which cross?

    Hi all. As you may know I am into showing a and breeding quality poultry. I was thinking of crossing some breeds though just for broodys or eggs. Here's my breeds Barbu d'Anver quail colour Cream legbar Black silkie Gold partridge pekin bantam Coronation Sussex I also have a few laying hens...
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    Happy new year!

    Hi all, I know most of you are in America so it's Not officially 2017 there yet, But here in Ireland it's 2017 just 21 minutes ago. I would just like to wish everyone on Byc a happy new year in advance (And maybe belated! :D) for other parts of the world. Goodluck, Fionn.
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    Ireland - SQ Barbu d'Anver rooster.

    Hi all, I have a barbu d'Anver rooster for sale. Quail colour. Got 2nd in his class at the ISPF (Irish society of poultry fanciers) young bird show back in October. He is 7 months old and crowing. PM me for more information, And pictures. Thanks for looking Fionn.
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    Am I gone chicken mad? :D

    Hi all. I think I am gone chicken mad! :D I started off 6 years ago with laying hens untill I started buying breeding hens. I started off last year with 3 different breeds barbu d'Anver,silkie and cream legbar. I bred them this year and successfully showing them. Then in August I added another...
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    Guess The Breeds!! *ENDS FRIDAY 23rd DECEMBER 2016*

    Hi all Here is the second "Guess the breed" I have done. I will put up pictures of various chickens,ducks,turkeys and geese! You just guess the breed and I will announce the winner(s) when it is over. No prizes it is just for fun. 1st place only but it may be a tie. Common BYC rules apply...
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    What do you think of my new coops?

    Hi all. I recently build 2 coops for my Gold partridge pekin bantam quad and my Coronation Sussex bantam trio. They are 1.5 ft wide and 8 ft long including the coop Coop: Length=2ft Width=1.5ft Run: Length=6ft Width=1.5 ft In these pictures the roof (which is galvanis) is not on And neither...
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    Which breeds of geese are least aggressive?

    Hi all I was thinking of maybe getting a few geese. I have ducks and I was wondering would they be compatible? I was also wondering can geese fly? My next question is which are the least aggressive geese? Do geese know where home is like if you let them out will the remember home? And final...
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    Hi all. I was looking at Google images today at pictures of barbu d'Anver hens. I breed and show barbu D'Anvers and I was just looking through pictures. I saw a picture of one of my barbu d'Anver hens that I got professionally potographed with The special background. I have a website and this...
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    Pictures of my new coronation Sussex bantams and pekin bantams!

    Hi all I made an article on my new Coronation Sussex bantams and gold partridge pekin bantams Here's a link Thanks for looking
  15. ChickenGrass

    Belgian bantam thread!

    Hi all I couldn't find a Belgian bantam thread so I decided to make one. Discuss hatching showing and just general breed info Also share some pictures. I will kick it off Here's a few pictures of my Barbu d'Anver
  16. ChickenGrass

    Guess the breeds! *Results*

    Hi all I decided to get pictures Of breeds of fowl and see who knows the name of most of them The prize for the winner is just the happiness of winning :D I will announce the winner on 6/23/16 And I will also let you know the names of breeds people don't get. (If there is any) Goodluck 1
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    What's the best hens for broody

    I know we all might have a different breed in mind. Share what breeds you think are the best broodys And which one you have voted for :jumpy
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    What do you think of this silkie hen?

    Hi all I breed and show silkies,Barbu d'Anver and cream legbars Not too long ago I got in a new line of black Silkie bantams. I'm pretty sure she is good quality What do you all think
  19. ChickenGrass

    Cream legbars for meat?

    Hi I breed a couple of breeds Cream legbars,silkies and Barbu danver. As you know you always have extra roosters And I was wondering what is cream legbar meat like And how are they to fatten etc. Thank you
  20. ChickenGrass

    Cream legbar

    Hi all I have cream legbars and would like to know How good they are and if they are good example of the breed. I am new to cream legbars but I have show quality barbu d'Anvers I don't have any pictures of hens but how does the rooster look?
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