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  1. Kevin565

    Happy Indigenous People's Day!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.
  2. Kevin565

    Does anybody have any luggage recommendations?

    I'm taking a longer vacation next month than usual so I've decided to invest in some carry on luggage as well. I'm open to suggestions but my preferences would be: 1. Wheeled. 2. I'd like the luggage to be as large as possible while still meeting most airline specifications for carry ons...
  3. Kevin565

    Sold Out

  4. Kevin565


    Sold out. Thanks!
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  6. Kevin565

    National Coming Out Day

    It's that day of the year again! Congrats to all the people who have chosen to come out of the closet this year. While this holiday is predominantly celebrated by the LGBT community I truly believe this is a holiday for everyone. The closet does not always just refer to the hiding being...
  7. Kevin565

    Any other Youtubers?

    Vlogging used to be a favorite past time of mine. I ended up deleting my previous channel but I have recently decided to pick up Vlogging again. Are there any other BYC Youtubers? I'd love to hear other people's experiences with Vlogging or other aspects of Youtube!
  8. Kevin565

    Automatically Subscribed?

    For the past 2 days every single thread I post in I'm automatically being subscribed too. It's taking quite a while to go back to every thread to unsubscribe. Is this a bug going on or is there something wrong with my settings?
  9. Kevin565

    I see there's a new member in the Flock Master Ranks

    Congrats on the big 5000 Redsoxs!
  10. Kevin565

    Raising Ducks: The Basics

    Below is a informational guide on the basics of raising ducks. Why raise ducks? Ducks can be a great addition to any flock. They have been a choice bird for farmers for centuries. Ducks have common been kept for: *Broodies *Eggs *Meat *Pets *Pure Enjoyment *Poultry Shows...
  11. Kevin565

    The Truth Behind Crested Ducks

    Many people see crested ducks at feed stores and online. The crest appears to be adorable to some people leading them to purchase their first crested ducks. Unfortunately many people do not take the time to do the research behind the gene. The crested Gene is a genetic defect. The "Crest" in...
  12. Kevin565

    I see we have a new Mod in town

    Congrats Fred's Hens .
  13. Kevin565

    Custom Greetings for Greeters

    Below are a few custom made Greetings that anyone who wishes to greet the New Members are more than welcomed to use.
  14. Kevin565

    Crashing Squares?

    This has been going on for about 2 weeks now and has happened several times today. While cruising the threads the screen will Freeze up with a page of squares. This has happened to me on more than one computer and several different browsers.
  15. Kevin565

    Discussion on Breeding up Hatchery Quality Birds.

    I've seen this discussed a few times in the past but not in much depth. I would like to hear everyone's opinions on breeding up from Hatchery quality birds for better quality stock. Many people start off with Hatchery birds in the beginning and later decide they would like to tackle breeding on...
  16. Kevin565

    Culling Ducks: Hands Off Method

    Disclaimer: There are several other methods to cull ducks and ducklings. If the other methods work for you feel free to use them. However, if you have the daunting task of having to cull a bird and can't emotionally handle the other method this may work for you. Supplies Needed: Critter...
  17. Kevin565

    Subscription Bug?

    My list of subscriptions on my front page is missing. It says "no subscription activity". However, on all of the threads it still shows subscribed on the bottom. Also, I'm still getting email updates on all of the threads .
  18. Kevin565

    My Paranoia Saved my ducks today!

    Even though I haven't seen any hawks in my area in over 4 years one showed up today! I heard the ducks quacking louder than usual so I went outside to investigate. Wouldn't you know it a adult red tailed hawk was perching on top of the run trying to get in. Luckily the run was secure enough that...
  19. Kevin565

    Duck Swaps Are Now Available

    A few of you have noted that you love the ideas of the Swaps in the chicken section but would love for some to be in the duck section. I have talked to the staff and gotten proper clearance. A few things you should know: 1.You have the option to chose the kind of Swap you would like to set...
  20. Kevin565

    Drakes aren't so bad after all

    Before I rehomed my Mallard Drake he picked up a strange trait. He actually started sitting on the nest when the female got off. Yes I am sure that he was indeed a Male. He fathered several ducklings before. However, he was too much of a aggressive breeder for my little flock so I found him a...
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