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  1. Raising Geese 101

    Raising Geese 101

    Why should I raise Geese? Geese are wonderful creatures with many great capabilities. Geese have been used for: *Foster Mothers * Their very large eggs * "Guard Dogs" * Their meat * Poultry Shows * Weeders * For Enjoyment * Pets Breeds: American Buff is a calm and docile goose breed...
  2. Kevin565

    Selling Eggs On Craigslist

    Here are a few tips for selling your eggs on Craigslist. 1. Interesting Title On craigslist there will be competition for selling eggs. Try to make a unique title for your ad 2. Pricing Make sure your pricing is reasonable. Selling your eggs for less than the competitors at first is a...
  3. Kevin565

    So You Want To Breed Bettas

    Are you thinking about Breeding Bettas? There's a lot more research needed than you may know. Here we go: Myths: 1. Breeding Bettas is easy they're just fish A: Actually breeding Bettas can be quite challenging. 2. I can just throw a male and female and female together A: NO. It...
  4. Kevin565


    A Broody: a Chicken who is broody. Which means she wants to sit on eggs. Bator: A incubator BBR:Black Breasted Red BIL:Brother in Law BLRW:Blue Laced Red Wyandotte BLRW:Blue Laced Red Wyandotte BO:buff orpington Boss: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds BR:Barred rock...
  5. Kevin565

    Duck And Chickens Pros And Cons

    Why would you want to mix Ducks and Chickens? Many people enjoy having a variety of breed Many people who are allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs Depending on your area duck eggs may go for more than chicken eggs What are the risks? Drakes mating hens can cause severe damage...
  6. Kevin565

    Non Surgical Egg Bound Method

    This article will describe a Non Surgical method for fixing egg bound hens. Please note that this may not work for all cases especially late stage cases. Find a large container to fill with water. Storage bins make excellent containers for this. Fill the container at least half way...
  7. Kevin565

    Comment by 'Kevin565' in article 'The Truth About Hawks'

    Thanks OwlLover.
  8. Kevin565

    The Truth About Hawks

    Hawks are often given bad reputations as ruthless killers. This could not be farther from the truth. Hawks: Often mate for life Lay Relatively Small Hatches If they can not catch their meal easily they will usually move on. Laws Regarding Hawks: It is illegal...
  9. Kevin565

    Kevin565s Member Page

    My name is Kevin. As you can tell I love animals. I have mallards, Guinea, Call Duck, Pekin mix, runner duck, Flemish Giant Buck (Not for meat) and 3 geese. I have two very loving great danes. A ferret named Tony. Also I've been a vegetarian all my life. If you ever like to know more about...
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