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  1. azygous

    Five-month old Australorp suddenly lame. Update: Now another pullet going lame!

    May, a five-month old Blue Australorp suddenly went lame yesterday. She is one of four BA chicks I got from TSC in late July. One of them came down with these exact symptoms at age twelve weeks, two months ago. I thought it was an injury and treated for a sprain or fracture. She declined to the...
  2. azygous

    Three-month old pullet with sprained leg not getting better.

    Last week my three-month old Blue Australorp Jules hurt her left leg. I've been treating her with aspirin and the leg is getting no better. At one point, she was slipping away from not eating enough to maintain her energy levels. Same with drinking. I began tube feeding with vitamins plus E and...
  3. azygous

    Do NOT order baby chicks by mail right now.

    Scanning these threads here, I didn't immediately see anything on chicks dying on USPS docks and sorting plants due to the recent USPS intentional slow-down of mail processing. It's a real thing, people...
  4. azygous

    We know broody hens. How about a nanny hen?

    I have a ten-year old GLW named Su-su. A few years back she went partially broody while I was raising chicks, and she adopted them when they were six weeks old. She raised them and cared for them until they were four months old. Now she's decided to adopt my four newest Blue Australorpe pullets...
  5. azygous

    Hens need spurs removed sometimes, too.

    Summer, my five-year old Silver Cuckoo Marans hen, started getting a spur on one leg when she was around two. Then the other leg started growing one. Today, I noticed one spur is curving toward her shank, and I decided it was time to remove them. About two months ago, another hen, a seven-year...
  6. azygous

    Strange caterpillar may have nearly killed two of my chicks

    This afternoon, I found two of my five nine-week old chicks very sick. I picked them up and carried them inside to start treating them. At first, I thought perhaps they had impactions or were constipated since they've been eating kale and chard with the stems cut up small. But by the time I...
  7. azygous

    Issues with advanced age chickens

    Who would have thought that the possibility of dementia might arise in my flock? And how about just discovering another old girl may be going broody? My three-fourths blind twelve-year old Light Brahma Lady Di is displaying signs of dementia, or whatever you would call it when an old fat hen...
  8. azygous

    Something you don't see every day - an egg by an eleven-year old hen

    This pear shape lop-sided egg was laid just a while ago by Lilith my eleven-year old Wyandotte hen. Every spring, Lilith gets into a nest and gives laying a whirl just to see if she can still do it. Last year, her attempt nearly cost her her life when a thin-shell egg collapsed inside her with...
  9. azygous

    Cutaneous growth on tip of toe

    I've noticed this callous-like growth on a few of my chickens. It doesn't seem to bother them much, but sometimes I see the affected ones holding the foot up under their bellies. In the past, I've soaked to soften and then trimmed the excess growth away, and it bleeds. I put antibiotic...
  10. azygous

    Internal laying - what it looks like.

    Necropsies aren't fun, but they're revealing sometimes. This hen was a six-year old Welsummer. Myrtle was behaving a little withdrawn but had no other symptoms of being sick. I found she had crawled off her perch during the night and died on the floor of the coop in a sleeping position. I cut...
  11. azygous

    Now what's this?

    Articles Oops! We ran into some problems. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. Articles This is what I encounter when clicking on an alert to see what someone had to say. The bugs need exterminating.
  12. azygous

    Solved Why is that failure-to-launch elf still sitting up there?

    Now that the holiday spirit has moved on, when can we get rid of him?
  13. azygous

    Solved Captions under our user name

    I've been curious for a long time and am now just getting around to asking, what do those quaint captions mean that seem to appear randomly under my user name? Who determines what they say and when they need to change to another one?
  14. azygous

    Juvenile molt? This is over the top.

    I've raised my share of chicks over a twelve year period, and never encountered an obvious juvenile molt among them. I am aware that most chicks do have periodic discrete feather loss as they grow in their adult plumage, but my current twelve-week olds have been molting their entire lives. As...
  15. azygous

    Error message and trouble opening alerts

    I'm trying to help people with sick hens and this recurring error message is really driving me nuts. Anyone else having trouble?
  16. azygous

    Solved Azygous gots an issue

    And there's half a foot of snow outside and it's May 9, so I'm in a mood. I was trying to help out with a crop issue on this thread. I posted a link to my article on...
  17. azygous

    Bad roo, poor hen, lightening strikes twice

    What are the odds of a three-week old baby chick getting scalped by a rooster and eight years later, having the same thing happen again? My eight-year old Speckled Sussex hen Geobett got scalped by the junior...
  18. azygous

    This is what lymphoid leucosis does to a chicken - gross and disgusting pics

    After trying several treatments on my five-year old Welsummer Molly, she continued to get worse, swollen, fluid-filled abdomen and very smelly sour crop, and she became so weak she could barely stand. So I euthanized her this morning and did a post mortem on her body. When I opened her body...
  19. azygous

    Dogs are the worst predator, I swear Amazing update!

    I need hugs. :hit Two neighbor dogs killed my two roosters, the best roosters I've ever had. They were both perfectly behaved and the hens adored both. The chickens were scratching around in the snow, something they usually refuse to do, and these two dogs swooped in on the chickens. The boys...
  20. azygous

    Solved Likes out the wazoo!

    This morning I found I had received 98 "likes" overnight. In the three hours since I'd last visited, I've received 97 more, and then 16 more after that, all from WannaBeHillBilly. Here's what it looks like. I think something may have sprung a leak on the site somewhere . Could someone (spammer)...
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