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  1. ChickenCanoe

    Turn or don't turn with shipped eggs - an argument about science.

    I would like input from all the hatchers in the following thread that was posted in the emergencies forum.
  2. ChickenCanoe

    Black Penedesenca day old chicks.

    These birds are extremely rare worldwide. More rare in the US. I have chicks hatching now and can ship today or tomorrow. I need the zip code of anyone interested. Message me for my phone# and PayPal account for your address and for payment. They have to reach my post office for 2 day express...
  3. ChickenCanoe

    Insect meal is a growing ingredient in feeds.

    I discovered this interesting article about trends in feed. The market for edible insects in animal feed is about $300 million and is expected to reach over $2 billion in 9 years. While the biggest demand is in aquaculture it seems to be growing in poultry feeds as well. It seems to be able to...
  4. ChickenCanoe

    Happy Winter Solstice to all Northern Hemisphere Poultry Keepers.

    For all those second year chicken keepers and beyond, have faith. Starting tomorrow, days are getting longer. Egg laying commencement is just around the corner. Just a bit at first but the day length will increase more as what one might call the perigee of the earth's northern hemisphere or more...
  5. ChickenCanoe

    Cocci vs. coccidia

    People with many different species of animals (chickens, turkeys, goats, dogs, cats, etc.) have problems with one or more species of the protozoa coccidia. Cocci is really a misnomer when referring to the protozoa that causes intestinal problems but I see it written here all the time. Cocci is...
  6. ChickenCanoe

    Let's go Blues!

    The Stanley Cup is in the building. The Blues have not won a Stanley cup since their birth in 1967. They played in the finals their first 3 seasons but were swept in each. They never reached the finals since. They were the worst team in hockey on January 3rd this year but now are about to play...
  7. ChickenCanoe

    fox in the henhouse - twist

    This story gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'a fox in the henhouse'.
  8. ChickenCanoe

    Black Penedesenca Hatching Eggs

    Hatching eggs for sale. Pictures of the birds and eggs plus some history can be found in the following link. Eggs are $4 each. Priority mail shipping includes special foam egg shippers for up to 25...
  9. ChickenCanoe

    Black Penedesenca chicks

    Hatching weekly, one of the best cared for lines of Penedesencas in North America. Chicks normally ship on Monday or Tuesday. For pictures and the story of the breed, check the following link. Chicks are $10 each...
  10. ChickenCanoe

    Using Oxine to disinfect incubators and hatchers

    Hello all hatchers. I have found instructions for using oxine to disinfect everything from eggs to barns but no good instructions for disinfecting incubators. I have a gallon of oxine disinfectant and the citric acid activator. If anyone has a good set of instructions I would be very grateful...
  11. ChickenCanoe

    Black Penedesenca Hatching Eggs

    Hatching eggs from my flocks of this extremely rare breed. The eggs will come in the special foam egg shippers pictured above. Shipping and foam cost for up to 25 eggs is $20 in the continental US. Eggs are $4 each up to 15 eggs. 16-25 eggs are $3.50 each. I will need about 3 days advance notice...
  12. ChickenCanoe

    Solved I've posted button.

    What happened to the "I've posted" button when one moved the cursor over the "Forums" button? Am I missing something where I can find threads I've posted in?
  13. ChickenCanoe

    2017 Zodiac Hatch-a-Long

    This will be the thread for 2017 hatching by the moon. The idea is to set eggs so they will hatch under the waxing moon (between new and full) and in the fruitful signs of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. The dates and times I listed are for chicken eggs, extrapolate earlier or later for other...
  14. ChickenCanoe

    2016 Zodiac Hatch-A-Long - Waxing Moon in Fruitful Signs HAL

    Here we go!!! This is a year long HAL for hatching by the moon. Set so eggs will hatch during the waxing moon during the fruitful signs. SET DAYS FOR CHICKEN EGGS FOR THE FIRST 3 MONTHS OF THE YEAR ARE January 19-21 January 27-29 February 15-17 February 23-26 March 22-24 March 31 - April 1...
  15. ChickenCanoe

    Not new but a long time member.

    I can't remember if I introduced myself 5 years ago and I can only access my last few hundred posts but here goes. I'm old as the hills. Grew up on farms and in the city simultaneously. We had a rural 100 acre farm, a suburban 40 acre farm (slashed to 3 acres) and a house in the city. Raised...
  16. ChickenCanoe

    Christmas and zodiac HAL

    Anyone up to hatching chicks Christmas eve? I was going through the times for December that chicks can hatch by moon signs and there is a window of opportunity for them to hatch from 11:26 PM on December 24 to 5:11 AM on December 25. I started the Zodiac HAL last year...
  17. ChickenCanoe

    What do you caged bird people think of this conversation?
  18. ChickenCanoe

    Zodiac Hatch-A-Long - Waxing Moon in Fruitful Signs HAL

    SET DAYS FOR CHICKEN EGGS IS APRIL 29 AND 30. MAY 9, 10, 11 MAY 26. 27. 28 JUNE 5, 6, 7 Crossed out dates have passed. For other birds, please adjust set dates accordingly. I stumbled on this old thread about hatching by the moon phases and sign...
  19. ChickenCanoe

    Rooster fertility failing I have to wonder if the promise of GMOs has come home to roost.
  20. ChickenCanoe

    Bait for weasels

    Has anyone considered using live mice as bait to trap weasels. For the first time in 60 years, I've developed a severe weasel problem and I'm fashioning several types of weasel traps but they don't like dead things.
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