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  1. Henny peeny

    scratch feed or crumbles

    Hi all I have not been on here for sometime things have been going good so far I had a few die and something got in and killed one of my chickens but since 2018 all is well. I am having trouble with my husband he thinks scratch feed is ok to feed all the time we did this before and the chickens...
  2. Henny peeny

    yoke are funny

    No it didn't I don't know why they are all yoke spread around I am to change the food to what I had before maybe that will do it thanks for all the info. Rhayden
  3. Henny peeny

    yoke are funny

    recently my hens or one of them have been laying odd yokes they are not fully forms the hens are more then 3 years old or more. the yokes seem to be all over the white of the egg it is like one big yoke. I had them one parinia but then I change to Dumor now before parinia they were on dumor so...
  4. Henny peeny

    Chicken sitter from HELL!

    I know not a lot of people who have pets chickens and outside pets have anyone to be able to care for them when they go away I tend to stay back to care for my animals but not everyone can do this. I have family that has animals and live not far away they help when every I have to go away and...
  5. Henny peeny

    Deer Depopulation Methods

    I hunt and my husband hunts deer and here in NC we can kill as many does as we want we get our takes and we have deer or anterless deer so we can shoot two bucks and 4 does but we can get more does tags as many as we want at 10 dollars for each one. We have a lot of deer here and this is how...
  6. Henny peeny

    which is easier

    I wonder is it easier to get full grown hens in to the flock or to have chicks you raised into it. I am thinking of getting chiks (after april2) but one of my husband's brothers has bought what is to be Black Giants I don't know if they are and regaurdless of what they are it don't matter but...
  7. Henny peeny

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    Thanks, was the best, Rhayden
  8. Henny peeny

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    We have BUILT IN smoke detectors in my new house. And the my father had smoke detector to but the fire dept. said they were not working I don't know how they can say that since the smoke detectors were so burnt up so bad that you could get the button to work. I have been in a fire in 1980...
  9. Henny peeny

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    It started in the TV front room they said it was over loaded extension Cords But I don't know the house was very old and was not when there were codes as to how to build them so they were build very cheaply I think it was in the wall myself. The fire had burnt for a half hour before anyone knew...
  10. Henny peeny

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    My son died April 2,2012 and my father died 5 days later they both were in a fire, it destroyed the house anyhow let me take you back some years. I never gave thought of ghost spirits demons or... and the bible really doesn't tell you a whole lot just if you are good and if you are bad ok...
  11. Henny peeny sorry meant to put that in the post to. Rhayden
  12. Henny peeny

    Can look at the whole book on line. this would help a lot of people and maybe not have to go to the vet. Rhayden
  13. Henny peeny

    Why Spay and Neuter?

    I talked him down from $300 to $150, I would of been in your shoes I would of told the person there is two ways to go either I call the pound to take the pups or you can freely give them to me if you do not do this then I WILL CALL THE POUND and they will fine you for cruelty to animals and I am...
  14. Henny peeny

    Crop Surgery?

    yeah the super glue sticks when you (in general term meaning) have aC section they glue you together basically with super glue. I is possible to do it by yourself but I have my husband to help me because ( this is me only) if the hen moves and I have the knife I could do real damage to the...
  15. Henny peeny

    chicken limping

    Can you post pictures, her feet are red? do they feel hard without picture I could guess bumble foot. Rhayden
  16. Henny peeny

    Crop Surgery?

    I have had One with a inpacted crop I tried what I was told to do give oil and massage it trying to get it to go down then water but the mass wouldn't go down so then I had to do surgery. It is not really hard but you need two people to do it well at least I did the first time I did this she...
  17. Henny peeny

    can humans get feather implants???????

    sorry have not read all post but I would think if you have the cash to do it you might be able to get something they put under the skin and attatch some how feathers from it, If a guy can get cat whiskers I am sure you can get feathers like you want but I think they would be hard to have since...
  18. Henny peeny

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - Official BYC Caption Contest 8/26/2013 - Picture by chickenpooplady

    mirror mirror sitting on the chiar whom is that I see in there? REALLY WHO IS THAT I never seen that chick before! Rhayden
  19. Henny peeny

    comb color pink

    never mind she has died, it looked like a aneirism but on a nocropsy I found she had a large matter in her and could not pass it it was big a a off white she was wormed this spring they do not free range and I only do the worming in the spring, I don't know what this mass was it broke up easy...
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