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    Marans Thread - breed discussion & pictures are welcome!

    I would like to sell off some of my roosters, as I currently have too many (15-20). They are 5-month old, big, beautiful, non-aggressive, healthy Marans, D'Anvers, Silkies and Barred Rock cockerels. I would prefer to sell them to a good home than to have them sent to freezer camp. If anyone...
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    Big, Beautiful Cockerels in Connecticut

    Marans, Silkies, D'Anvers and Barred Rock Cockerels. All big, beautiful and non-aggressive, 5 month old, hand-raised birds. Prefer to re-home and not to send them to freezer camp. Asking $5 each to cover cost of food. Pick-up only. Send PM including email for more information.
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    d'anver lovers,discuss the breed and post some pics!

    Anyone want to trade some porcelain chicks for quail D'Anver chicks? I'm in CT.
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    d'anver lovers,discuss the breed and post some pics!

    Gah! Don't tell me that they are all males! I tried to sex them in the first 2 days (by wing feathers) and I thought I had 2 males and 3 females. Oh well, there are 5 more chicks in the brooder and 2 adolescents out in the coop. I should have named her Fertile Myrtle. Lol
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    I'm in Oxford too!!!

    I'm in Oxford too!!!
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    d'anver lovers,discuss the breed and post some pics!

    Thought I would share some recent pictures of Amelia Egghart: And her 3-week old chicks:
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    d'anver lovers,discuss the breed and post some pics!

    I have ten 1-week old Quail D'Anver chicks and two 2-month old Quail D'Anver chicks that I would love to sell, or trade for different colored D'Anvers (for variety). They are all from my Gazpacho and Amelia Egghart, who came from SQ parents. Anyone in CT interested?
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    d'anver lovers,discuss the breed and post some pics!

    I have a Quail D'Anver(Amelia Egghart) who hatched out 5 of her own chicks. She is VERY protective of them, and attacks my hand when I go to change the water or food in her brooder. How long will this last? The chicks are one week old. When can I put her back in the coop with her roo partner...
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    Reptipro 6000 with egg turners

    There is a whole thread on the Reptipro... look for Reptipro 5000 thread - many people have written about the new unit recently.
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    d'anver lovers,discuss the breed and post some pics!

    So we were thinking that my 2 Quail D'Anver chicks that were hatched 3/4/12 were boys. The other day, I caught one of my 11-week old Millie Fleur Bantam Cochin Cockerels trying to mate with one of the D'Anver chicks. Does that mean that the one he was "friendly" with is a girl??? Can chickens...
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    Our coop is still under construction, but at least the chickens are enjoying it!!
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    I lost my whole world on 4-17-12

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family. This touched my heart and made me cry. I pray that the Lord will bring you peace and comfort during this difficult time and that fond memories and loving friends and family fill your days with support, grace, and mercy. So sorry. ((((HUGS))))
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    Anyone interested in PQ Silkie-Mix Chicks? Chicks are mixed White Silkie Roo with Welsummer, Salmon Faverolle, Speckled Sussex, White Cochin, Golden Campine, Barred Rock, Dominique, Golden-Laced Wyandotte, Silver-Laced Wyandotte, Ameraucana, Black Australorp, or Silkie Hen. I have 14 of them...
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    who can tell me????

    I would definitely clean it off, maybe in a warm bath, let it dry and put A&D Ointment on it. Have you checked the poop to make sure it was normal?
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    Creative Coop Names

    Thinking about these names: Jurassic Bawk Camp Lay-a-Lot Coop-a Cabana Ova-Easy Inn Pullet Palace Feathers & Fluff Factory Scratch & Peck Retreat
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