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    Review by '' on item 'EcoGlow 50 - the Larger Chick Brooder'

    I own both sizes of the Brinsea EcoGlow Chick Brooder and I love them and highly recommend them to everyone interested in raising baby chicks. Not only did I save on electricity, but I didn't have to worry about pine shavings or paper towels catching on fire. The EcoGlow is easy to clean and...
  2. EcoGlow 50 - the Larger Chick Brooder

    EcoGlow 50 - the Larger Chick Brooder

    he EcoGlow brooder is a clean, safe, tough and extremely economical chick brooder with a a highly efficient low cost heating system. Designed for newly hatched (poultry) chicks to keep them snug and warm and your electricity bills low. An indicator light confirms the brooder is connected. The...
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