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  1. Angela Thomson

    Leghorn Roo?

    Posting for friend. She said she paid good money as a chick. Not a female or the breed which I forgot what she said.
  2. Angela Thomson

    Splay leg?

    Light Brahma 9 days old Limping Since birth No bleeding Birth defect Crumble and water. Is drinking and eating but is below other same hatch Tried bandaid and sports tape Treat and help chick
  3. Angela Thomson


    Pullet. Not sure breed.
  4. Angela Thomson

    Little Fairy Egg

    I got a little fairy egg yesterday! Anyone get these? Pretty sure one of my little five month olds laid it.
  5. Angela Thomson

    Dog got my duck

    My ducks have made a hole in their pond and needless to say one got out and my dog got it. (Monday) He “played” with her who knows how long. When I got home she was stripped of back feathers neck to tail. Even skin is missing. I sprayed her with blue kote. This morning she has bubbles of pus...
  6. Angela Thomson

    Dirty Eggs

    It’s been a mud mess here in southern Indiana and some of my eggs have mud on them. Tracked in to the nest most likely. I put new straw in but to no avail. Can I hatch these? Wash first? I definitely have fertile eggs and ready for chicks!
  7. Angela Thomson

    What is eating my duck eggs?

    I'm usually gone to work, but this morning I went to the duck pen to see if they started laying again yet, and there were two broken eggs by their pond. I have no idea what did this. They may have been laying all along and I didn't know. We recently moved them into their new pen with pond and...
  8. Angela Thomson

    Little White Flies

    What in the world are these little white flies? They are driving my chickens nuts, and me! I dusted them with poultry dust and DE and they came back within the week.
  9. Angela Thomson

    Sick Andalusiano

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) Blue Andalusion, 12 months, 3 lbs. This chicken has always been little. I had three at first and one died 6 months ago, not sure what from. 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Not acting like...
  10. Angela Thomson

    Chick is very small, wobbles, falls down

    I picked up two Australorp roosters (special order) from Rural King last Friday 2/16/18. One is not growing like the other. He is very small, the size of a large egg. His brother is growing fine. He wobbles, falls down, and is very weak in general. This started (or I noticed) last night, Monday...
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