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  1. oesdog


    Happy Christmas to all my feathered family and friends. May the lord keep you safe and bless you all through this season of celebration and for the year to come. God Bless you all . Oes:cool: Oes
  2. oesdog

    How can i keep my ducks safe?

    Lost all my hens to the fox yesterday. The fox was seen next door during the night. Was talking to a fellow today who said there was nothing I could do he would come back for the ducks and keep coming They are in a wooden shed 100yrds from my bedroom. I'm scared to sleep incase I lose the...
  3. oesdog

    The girls are all gone

    Sorry to say after many years of having hens here. We had a fox attack . I'm still pretty shocked and raw. We only had 3 girls left out of the many we've had over the years but they were special and very much loved pets. Betsie, Marigold and Gwendoline were all sadly killed. The fox got in...
  4. oesdog

    Coronavirus N IRELAND

    How are things for you in America?
  5. oesdog

    The Oesdog is back in the coop.

    Hi everyone. Sorry its been so long since Ive been on. Lots of family things going on and all quite hard going. I will tell you about it all in time but this is just to say HI IM BACK! And I missed you all! Gosh this place is really looking smart since I was here last! Oes :cool:
  6. oesdog

    from Ireland

    HAPPY CHRISTAMS everyone xxxxxxx oes
  7. oesdog

    Chillin chicks

    These are my two baby girls hatched in June. They were part of a hatch of 10 egg 2 were not fertile and two chicks died but 6 survived and made it to this stage. 4 have just gone to their new home with a lovely foster family and their children. These two girls (hopefully will stay for a long...
  8. oesdog

    Advice needed for care of Duckling

    Lost a duckling as it piped too early and broke the membrane and died. Then the second Duckling hatched fine. Bit of goo still attached but the egg was clean inside and the bird was fine and is doing great today. The Ducklings hatch day IS today but they .are 24 hrs early. Lost one on Tuesday...
  9. oesdog

    pip early why?

    Really sad one of the eggs pipped 48 hrs early. We were out all day and so checked when I got home. There was a hole int he membrane and it was dead. Way too early and when DH opened it the egg sack was still full. It had been dead for a number of hours? Why????? We have sooo been careful with...
  10. oesdog

    Mad baby duck???

    Got two duck eggs from a friend as her laying duck was killed. Put them under our broody hen. When the Hen got off we put them in the bator . One hatched early yesterday. It punched threw the side of the egg and is a monster! THe other egg had a pip but this little fellow wont leave it alone...
  11. oesdog

    Little Duck punched out side of shell.

    This little Duck had a pip in the shell at about 5 am this morning when we came back at about 2.30 pm it has broken a hole in the side and bits of egg were scattered but the membrane was still over much of the duck and it was dry. We moistened it and now it has a foot out and was making loads of...
  12. oesdog

    Hen and Duck eggs together?

    I have a hen who has become broody for the second year running. Last year we got 4 hatch out of 6 eggs the last two fully formed but not hatched. This year we put 6 Maran eggs under her ordered from the mail. Then our friend who gave us last years eggs gave us 4 more and 2 Duck eggs. These are...
  13. oesdog

    I did it - Meat bird !!!!! SO pleased!!!!

    I finally did it From egg to plate !!!! We had 4 chicks hatch in June and I have cared for them and fed them and looked after them since. But we are not allowed Roos so there was an issue as of course sooner or later some of them will doubtless turn into BOYS! I have been dreading this...
  14. oesdog

    UPdate on Lilly.

    Thankx for all the help and advice we got for Lilly. She was quite young so we tried everything we could to help her. Unfortunately the antibiotics and washing her eyes and all that stuff have not helped. She had a bad sinus infection. It never got better. She did perk up a bit a few weeks...
  15. oesdog

    Anyone suffer from or has to care for anyone with severe depression?

    We have had a deal of issues in our home over a number of years. From having to deal with bringing up two disabled boys to having our own medical issues. I am having ongoing tests for MS and have been diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia. I also have other issues like Anemia and problems with...
  16. oesdog

    Betty died on Sunday. What should I do with Lilly now?

    I have had a sick chicken for a while and so parted her out from the others. Betty is always sick in the wintertime with a respiritory infection. She usually gets better once the weather improves but she was an older bird so I put her inside with lilly. Lilly has an infection too but hers has...
  17. oesdog

    Lilly is not right in the head? Anyone have any ideas?

    Gosh I feel like all my girls are either dying or having health issues. Most of them were old but lilly is only about 18 months old or so. She is a large and otherwise healthy Maran. A few days ago I noticed she was "acting odd?" For example when I shooed them all into the coop she "crashed...
  18. oesdog

    Happy Christmas.

    Hi all Happy Christmas Sorry I have not managed to get on earlier. I have been in and out of the hospital for that last few weeks and now managed to break my foot! -lol I am an accident looking for a place to happen. So I have not had much space to post any. But I am thinking of you...
  19. oesdog

    How do you cope with adult kids?

    Recently a friend of mine told me about her son. She is a religious woman brought up in the church and has brought her kids up best she could in her faith too. However the messages she get from her son recently were anything but. He accused her of being Smothering - but she has not seen him...
  20. oesdog

    SAD News Issy is gone?

    Hi guys You have all be so nice to me as I have been trying to nurse my wee old sick Aggy. Got a bit of a shock this morning when I opened up the coop. Isobel my head girl did not come out with the others and for an instant I had the thought did I leave her out last night? I opened up the back...
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