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  1. wornoutmomto3

    Thoughts on Beilefelder as a good exhibition breed???

    I am considering getting rid of my Delaware line. They have been very frustrating. It seems that what I thought was decent breeder stock turned into standard hatchery stock. I keep getting excessive body spotting and white legs. The chicks start out beautiful white with bright yellow legs. As...
  2. wornoutmomto3

    Can you cross breed a Guinea?

    Ok, before you answer let me explain. My Guinea hen's mate died late last summer and she has been on her own. Since, they are very social creatures she joined my mixed chicken coop. It has gone quite well and she seems to be thriving. Fast forward to Spring and she calls constantly for a mate...
  3. wornoutmomto3

    Please help ID bantam chicks

    These two appear to be the same breed. I am just not sure which breed. Clean legs, black body, reddish face.
  4. wornoutmomto3

    Missing albums! Please help

    Before the move I had several named albums on my profile of pictures I had uploaded. I have searched through the Gallery, but can't find them. They aren't on my account page either. Can someone please help me find them?
  5. wornoutmomto3

    White Peafowl Hatching Eggs...

    Does anyone have any white peafowl hatching eggs available, for sale? I have been wanting peafowl for a long time and solid white is the color I like best.
  6. wornoutmomto3

    Any guesses??

    My m-i-l picked up this little black and yellow chick out of the pullet bin at TSC a while back. Well, first it isn't a pullet and we don't have a clue what breed either. Any guesses?
  7. wornoutmomto3

    Our First Ever Poultry Show! HELP!!

    My kids will finally be entering their chickens into the local fair show for the first time. I came to chickens later in life. So, this is new to all of us. We already know about washing and drying and handling and care, etc.. And we are reading over all the rules and regulations associated with...
  8. wornoutmomto3

    What breed duck are they?

    Ok, it is the time of year for impulse buys... lol!! So, I was picking up some khaki campbell ducklings when I saw these adorable ducklings in with them. So, of course I couldn't seperate them and took them all home. Lol. Problem is I don't know what breed they are. Anyone have a guess?
  9. wornoutmomto3

    Chick with "fluff" problems

    Last year I hatched several blue/black/splash marans. All of them looked good except 1. The chick hatched with extra short fluff on its back. There was plenty of fluff on the head, chest, wings, etc. But the back was covered by patchy bunchs of extra short "fluff." The chick thrived just fine...
  10. wornoutmomto3

    Salmon Faverolle chicks... What Gender?

    Hello! My middle DS is raising Salmon Faverolles for his FFA project. He started with 5 eggs and hatched 5 chicks. He knows Salmons can be feather sexed by 10 days old. He has some guesses, but would like a little confirmation or correction to help him. So, here are his chicks and his guess as...
  11. wornoutmomto3

    Honest evaluation of Polish hen, Please...

    This is my one and only Buff Polish. She is not showable due to an injury to one toe as a chick. However, I am considering breeding a small number of Buff Polish. And, i want to start with good birds. If she shows potential then I will start looking for a good rooster. She is about 12-14 weeks...
  12. wornoutmomto3

    drake or duck???

    I picked up these two muscovies as day old babies a little over two months ago. They are starting to look really nice, but I am not the most experienced with 'scovies. So, I am not sure if they are boys or girls. Any help would be beneficial. Thank you.
  13. wornoutmomto3

    What color would you say she is???

    This is one of my Ameracauna hens. (I know, I know probably more EE than Ameracauna.) Well, i cant quite figure out her color pattern. She is a very light buff with blue under tones and highlights. Here are some pictures from different angles.
  14. wornoutmomto3

    Sicilian Buttercup Thread

    I was searching for a thread for this breed and didn't find one. So, I am starting one. Please post pictures, ask questions, and help as needed to progress the discussion of this rare breed. I am new to raising this breed and would like to gather as much information as possible. Sicilian...
  15. wornoutmomto3

    Rouen, Mallard, or Muscovy??? (with poll)

    It is difficult to determine different duck breeds at the duckling phase since many look very similar. Still, I am curious. I was at the feed store picking up some rabbits, when I spotted a bin of "assorted" ducklings. I picked up two that have that "wild-type" look, but I know of three breeds...
  16. wornoutmomto3

    Genetics of the Blue chicken

    I am considering raising olive egg chickens. It is just fun to watch the kids expression when I tell them we are eating "green" eggs. Lol. Well, I have a blue Maran hen. She came from a blue/black/splash pen. (The rooster was black and the hen was blue.) The same breeder whom i purchased her...
  17. wornoutmomto3

    What do you get when you cross an RIR with an Ancona?

    I don't know but it sure is cute! Any guesses on gender or what it will look like all grown up? Road Island Red rooster over Ancona hen.
  18. wornoutmomto3

    Buff with a Rose Comb!?!

    PLEASE HELP! I have searched and searched and searched. No one can seem to even chance a guess at what this bantam chick is. He is a bantam with white skin, buff feathers, and a rose comb. The feed store (not TSC) could only say that it was a bantam. So, they had no idea. A Google search kept...
  19. wornoutmomto3

    What type of bantam??

    Both pictures are bantams, but there are so many different types I am not sure which they are. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you! The front chick has feathered feet. There are two (I think females) that look like her. I have several that look like the brown chick. What is...
  20. wornoutmomto3

    Silkie - Red Sexlink cross chick not getting any feathers... What do I do?

    I had a silkie rooster for a while that hung out with the flock but never mated with the hens (bigger rooster wouldn't let him). Instead of the typical cotton ball look he had smooth feathers. He was super sweet, but I decided to sell him because I wanted to start breeding true to standard...
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