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  1. trailchick

    Baker Creek Seeds - Bread Movie

    I just an email from one of my favorite garden seed company Baker Creek Heirloom They have a short movie on Bread making, or actually (The Life and Death of Wholesome Bread ) Has any body seen this yet ?... Reminds me of another King Corn documentary.
  2. trailchick

    AYAM CEMANI eggs on ebay!

    Anybody see there are 3 auctions for 2+ , 4+, 6+ Ayam Cemani eggs from one person on ebay.... There are 14 hours to go and no one has bid. The roo appears to have some red on the comb and wattle, although I don't think they claim the pics as their own - would these eggs be worth the money?
  3. trailchick

    Best Packing Practices for Shipping Hatching Eggs

    I have been buying hatching eggs because what I want are not normally available from hatcheries. I have a dozen eggs sitting here that I picked just up at the PO & about half have detached air cells. What should have been really exciting, is a big disappointment to open a package and see a lot...
  4. trailchick

    What are these Roos????

    I got these 3 roos last summer and dont know what they are. Will need to take some to the monthly county auction on Sunday, & know would help to know what they are so I can decide who to take. The first and last I got as chicks. The middle came with some ameracauna hens. They all...
  5. trailchick

    Snow Moon

    No snow, but clear skies & that full snow moon just came up.... Spectacular Orange Moon!!!! Anybody see it yet??!
  6. trailchick

    Love This New Feature On BYC

    The topics now have a scroll feature to advance to a certain page, that was once only available on each thread!! I love that. For those that may be wanting to know what was being posted a year or so ago, or if you are scanning for a certain post, that you know is old, & you dont know enough key...
  7. trailchick

    Dickey on Ebay in PA

    Anybody in PA looking for a great cabinet incubator? Saw this Dickey on ebay: I got a slightly used one last summer and it is great.
  8. trailchick

    Why Haven't You?

    I read a whole lot more posts than I respond to, so I am interested in these people that have things to say. I click on their "My Page" and there is nothing there.. Granted, it took me a while to figure out to put some stuff on there, like simply some pictures about myself, but it is there...
  9. trailchick

    Uploaded Pictures to My Page!!!!

    I know this may not be the subject to set this to, but since I post more on this topic than any other - except predators and Pests, I UPLOADED PICS TO MY PAGE!!! I am pretty good on the computer but I was missing one simple step. Anyway, to any other new peeps that havent done your own page...
  10. trailchick

    My find on Craigslist - Is this pic your Silver Pea hen?

    When I was planning a trip to Arkansas in August to visit my sister the end of september I happened to look on Craigslist and there was an add for a Silver Pea Hen with these pictures: They were going to hold her for me & when I went to pick her up they also had this male paired up with her...
  11. trailchick

    Anyone see that show last night on Science Channel?

    There is a new series on Dinosaurs on the science channel: Dinosaur Revolution . Last night before the series there was a show on making live dinosaurs, called "Dinosaurs: Return to Life?" Had to think of Aqua Eyes, because they were talking his language. Genome, experimenting with chicken...
  12. trailchick

    My Peas, Mtn Cur Jack & Rattler

    DH saw my free ranging peas following a snake toward the front yard where I have some young 'uns in some temp pens. It was a prairie rattler. The rattler went into the rock bed & we couldn't find it. A couple of days go by & I am out by the hen house watering the horses & I hear my Original Mtn...
  13. trailchick

    Fertile Eggs!

    I had a hen laying eggs a couple of weeks ago, I put them into the incubator and they are fertile! Doubt if my 1 year old males did the deed. Must have been my guy that dropped his train late spring - early summer, because it has been growing back....
  14. trailchick

    Great Turkey Taming Trick

    I have one turkey that I hatched early in the summer. Lost all the other mates from what I think was a bull snake. Caught the snake and hauled him 2 miles down the road - didnt want to kill it because they do kill the abundant prairie rattlers we have here. We also have a big grasshopper...
  15. trailchick

    Anybody taking birds to sell at UPA Convention?

    I'm going to try to go to the UPA Convention in KC. Will any of you be taking peas (chicks, juvies, breeders) to sell while you are there? Which would the best day to go if one could only go for a day?
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