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    Big, Beautiful Cockerels in Connecticut

    Marans, Silkies, D'Anvers and Barred Rock Cockerels. All big, beautiful and non-aggressive, 5 month old, hand-raised birds. Prefer to re-home and not to send them to freezer camp. Asking $5 each to cover cost of food. Pick-up only. Send PM including email for more information.
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    Chicken Coop Calendar
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    Keeping Track of Egg Customers

    For those of you who sell eggs, do you use anything special to keep track of your sales and your egg customers? I've seen the spreadsheet to keep track of income and expenses, but I was looking for something more along the lines of order processing. I am thinking of giving a discount after...
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    Who Has a Nest Box with Moveable Perch?

    Need help with my nest boxes! I want my interior nest boxes to have removable dishpans in them (for cleaning or removing broody hens) that can't get tipped over, and a perch that I can fold up and lock to close the opening to the nest box. I thought I saw a picture of one on BYC. Can someone...
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    Beware of Internet Scams

    Dear BYC Friends, Please beware of Internet Scams. (Hopefully none on BYC!) I was almost "taken" by one from a person claiming that they wanted to buy some merchandise that I posted on Craigslist. They asked for my personal information and said that they would send me a cashier's check that...
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    Our Second Egg!!!

    My 15 girls and 1 boy share the brooder right now, waiting for our coop to be finished. We got our first egg yesterday (I put it in the nest box in the cage with my D'Anver pair) and I just checked and there was another egg in the brooder (I put it in the empty sideways cat litter box with...
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    We got our first egg!!!!

    Went to go feed the chickens this morning and there was an egg in the brooder! They aren't even 20 weeks old yet! I'm so happy for whoever laid the egg, I could cry!!! Hubby will now want to put a rush on finishing the coop! Charmin, my Silkie is checking out the quick nest box I threw in...
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    Cute Treat Feeder

    I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a cute idea for a chicken treat feeder. Made from a hanger and a Slinky toy. Or you can use it as a base to make your own wreath.
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    Pillowcase Tote Bags

    This would be a great craft if I had some clean Vintage pillowcases! This one is my first attempt (with an old pillowcase.) The bottom is actually rectangular. What do you think?
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    Windows and Roost help

    We are putting windows in our coop that will be hinged at the top and swing out from the bottom. I want to have them open to 3 different distances from the outer wall. I also want to put a screen and hardware cloth over the window opening. This would have to be movable to access the window...
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    Good Article on Letting a Broody Incubate and Hatch Eggs
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    Why not give others a chance

    This is a small pet peeve (more of an annoyance) of mine... (I don't like feeling this way!) People who participate in a competitive activity (lotteries, auctions, etc.) that do not need the "prize" (money, hatching eggs, chicks, etc.) and win. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that they won...
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    What does your goose coop look like?

    I am in the process of building a large raised chicken coop and got to thinking about whether or not I would be able to use the underside as a goose coop for Sebastopol geese. The chickens would have a separate enclosed run (on either side of the coop) from the geese. My yard is fenced in and...
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    Paging and Scrolling

    Is there a way that you can scroll through all the pages of a topic without having to click on page numbers? This would save a lot of time.
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    Chicken Costumes - Share your pictures!

    Okay, the Grange in my town is having a Harvest Festival and the 4H members were invited to bring their pet in a Halloween Costume. I've seen pictures of one person who makes costumes for her chickens, but I know there are more people out there. I don't even celebrate Halloween, but would love...
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    Cutting Your Chicken's Nails

    My chickens are about 7 and 11 weeks old and I my arms are loaded with scratches, not because they are mean, but because they love to fly up on me and sit on my arms to be petted. I was wondering if, and how you cut their nails. How do you hold them to do this? Is it a 2-person operation? Do...
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    Rearranging Chicks!!!

    My coop is not built yet. I finally have the concrete tubes in the ground and the inspector is coming out today. I have a pretty decent sized brooder (6' x 3.5') in my basement and it is divided in half for my 2 different age groups of chicks. On one side, I have my 10-week old Quail D'Anver...
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    Not as easy as I thought!

    Okay, I'll admit it...I am a somewhat indecisive person. When DH said I could get chicks, I hurried up and ordered them before he could change his mind! Since there were so many different breeds to choose from (see where I'm going with this?) I thought I would be "smart" and order one of each...
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    They're here! They're here! They're here!!!

    My 16 little assorted fuzzy butts are here!!!!! I ordered them in MAY!!! OMG! They are so adorable that I'm ready to order a dozen more!!!!
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