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  1. red horse ranch

    What predator poops on food?

    Last night there were 2 dead starlings on the floor of the barn (open front barn). This morning one starling had been eaten but the other one was completely covered in loose poop. Another Large pile of poop was in front of the henhouse door. There is a 6' fence around the chicken yard and the...
  2. red horse ranch

    Silver Spangled Hamburg?

    I'm thinking about adding some Silver Spangled Hamburgs to my flock this spring. The pictures of them are beautiful but I know nothing about them. I would appreciate some opinions on their personalities and longevity. My poultry all free ranges thru the day and they are confined at night. We do...
  3. red horse ranch

    He looks kind of sad

  4. red horse ranch

    Peep is gone

    I have written about Peep quite a few times on these forums. She was the 1st chick I ever hatched. July 10th, 2007. She hatched in a wooden box under a 40 watt light bulb. She was raised as a single chick in the house and she felt like she should be a house chicken the rest of her life. But...
  5. red horse ranch

    Is it just me or is something wrong with her?

    I have a 6 month old peachick that is acting a bit lethargic. She just stands around, sometimes with eyes closed, and her wings droop just a little. How do you figure out a problem when all you have is just a feeling that something is wrong? :(
  6. red horse ranch

    Welsummer Roosters?

    Both of these guys are around 9 months old and were purchased as purebred Welsummers. But i have my doubts about the 2nd one, no black on his chest...:confused: Any thoughts on the breed of #2?
  7. red horse ranch

    7 Weeks old and I still can't tell

    I've tried to figure this one out but I guess someone more knowledgeable will have to sex this one for me. :idunno
  8. red horse ranch

    To early to tell sex?

    I was hoping for a female but I'm beginning to suspect that this 3 week old will be a peacock. :confused:
  9. red horse ranch

    Harvesting question

    I just harvested a 14 lb Cornish X hen this morning. Can she be cooked today or should I wait 2 days. I want to cook until done and can chicken and broth for winter eating. :idunno
  10. red horse ranch

    What is a strict diet for a Cornish Cross?

    I have a almost 4 month old Cornish cross that must weight 10 lbs or more. The temp got up to 103 today and she was suffering a lot from too much fat. I have put her in a grassy pen under a tree to help her stay a little cooler but I want to really limit her food. She can eat grass but what's...
  11. red horse ranch

    Good job Bessie!

    My 2 year old peahen has been sitting on 6 eggs. Last week one of her eggs produced a chicken chick which I took. This morning she came off the nest with 3 peachicks. She kept calling for me and when i went out to see what her problem was I found an egg in her nest that was partially unzipped...
  12. red horse ranch


    My peahen is on day 22 of sitting on her eggs. This morning when I went out to feed she came out of the barn with this... As soon as I picked up the chick she went back in the barn and got on the rest of her eggs. I guess she knew it wasn't hers and she wanted me to have it. :confused: I have...
  13. red horse ranch

    Peacock as a Daddy?

    I have a 2 year old pair of peafowl and the hen is broody for the first time on 6 eggs. I'm curious about how the males are with babies. I will keep her confined separately with the chicks when they hatch for a few weeks but I would like to know how he should react when she takes them around him...
  14. red horse ranch

    Dogs and Onions

    I've always read that dogs shouldn't have onions and I'm very careful about scraps I give my dog. But my daughter-in-law says that onions don't hurt them if they are cooked. She doesn't worry about it with her dogs. Anybody know the truth of the matter? :hmm
  15. red horse ranch

    Warning about hens who hide eggs

    I feel awful. Yesterday I answered a post about hens who hide eggs. I was always finding hidden nests from my Sapphire hen and making a game of finding them. The game ended last night when I found her wedged in between two 800 lb bales of hay. She was dead. With a pretty blue egg halfway out of...
  16. red horse ranch

    Amazing Peep!

    Peep will be 11 years old soon. And this is the 6th egg she has laid in the last 3 weeks. When we put 3 eggs in a wooden box with a 40 watt light bulb 11 years ago I never dreamed that we would still have the single chick that hatched this long. And I sure didn't know that a chicken COULD still...
  17. red horse ranch

    Chubby Chick

    I bought these Amberlink chicks 10 days ago from TSC. They were the same size and age when I got them and I think they are just 2 weeks old now. But one of them is huge. I suspect it may be a rooster due to the large legs but they were supposed to be all pullets. The Orpintons in the...
  18. red horse ranch


    I've been raising chickens for 15 years but I had never heard of an Amberlink. But I recently bought 4 of them at TSC. I'm sure they are a sex link but does anyone know what breeds are used to produce them? :idunno Are they good layers?
  19. red horse ranch

    Red Rangers?

    I see the Red Rangers advertised as meat birds but I am curious if the hens lay many eggs. I've not seen this discussed anywhere. I see them in the feed stores at reasonable prices but I don't want to buy hens that don't lay eggs. :idunno
  20. red horse ranch

    Farewell to Sammule

    We had to put down our 26 year old mule yesterday. He was cantankerous and full of mischief. He could open gates to release the horses when he shouldn't have been able to. The grass was always greener on the opposite side of the fence. He delighted in 'trimming' my trees just to get a rise out...
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