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  1. Frost Homestead

    how do i train my roommate ?

    It's going to be nearly impossible for her to train the dog not to attack the chickens if it's already attacked and killed one. So I wouldn't blame your roommate for that. Just keep the dogs away from them, let her know how you feel about it - and ask her to make sure she doesn't accidentally...
  2. Frost Homestead

    For a dark egg layer, which would you recommend and why: Welsummer vs. Barnvelder vs. Marans

    I love my marans. They lay jumbo dark chocolate colored eggs, never go broody, and they're just as calm and relaxed as a chicken can be. The only downside is mine are huge and it costs a lot to feed them compared to my ameraucanas. I like really big chickens though so I dont mind too much . Just...
  3. Frost Homestead

    Baby Chick Pictures!!!!! POST!

    Ameraucana chicks fresh from the incubator!
  4. Frost Homestead

    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    yay! congrats!
  5. Frost Homestead

    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    3 have hatched so far! These weren't supposed to hatch until tomorrow but for some reason my marans always hatch a little early compared to the other breeds. Crossing my fingers that some of the silkie x ameraucana eggs hatch! Looks like there's one olive egger and two marans. I'll post pics...
  6. Frost Homestead

    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    alright. I put the eggs into lockdown today! Hatch day is Sunday :D I'll make sure to post pics and updates once they start pipping!
  7. Frost Homestead

    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    no I didn't keep any roos. I already have 3 these are just for fun, I dont plan on breeding them
  8. Frost Homestead

    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    5 more days until lockdown! I'm getting impatient I'm posted a couple weeks ago, Im incubating marans, ameraucanas, possible olive eggers, and some silkie x purebred ameraucana mixes. This is the first time Ive hatched silkie x ameraucanas, last time I did silkie x marans and they all came out...
  9. Frost Homestead

    BIN 12+ wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana & blue/black copper Marans eggs

    I consider the ameraucanas my line, I have been working on them for years.
  10. Frost Homestead

    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    Im gonna have to join this hatchalong! I just set some eggs last night. 9 ameraucanas, 8 marans, and 7 silkie x amer or marans mixes
  11. Frost Homestead

    olive egger chicks - Austin, TX area

    We just hatched out 4 little olive egger chicks. They're straight run (unsexed) $8 each. These first generation olive eggers were produced from our black copper marans cockerel mating our wheaten and blue wheaten ameraucanas. All are blue and have feathered legs. From what I can tell, 3 of them...
  12. Frost Homestead

    Greetings from Buffalo, TX

    Howdy from Jonestown, TX! Welcome to the forum!
  13. Frost Homestead

    Help! Poorly Chicken! even vets don't know what's wrong!

    "she is on the nest and is wagging her tail slightly as if she is pushing" that sounds to me like she's eggbound *edited to add: sorry I didn't see the next page for some reason. so sorry for your loss!!
  14. Frost Homestead

    Comment by 'Frost Homestead' in item 'Ameraucana'

    I love my ameraucanas too, theyre wonderful birds. Perhaps flighty was the wrong word. They're not LAP CHICKENS. They are "friendly" in the sense that they will come near me, but they dont seek out human attention. We dont add artificial light for our birds so they slow down laying in the fall...
  15. Frost Homestead

    I got a mini egg!

    fart egg! we get these every once in a while.
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