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  1. wornoutmomto3

    Comment by 'wornoutmomto3' in article 'Breeding, Hatching and Raising Peafowl'

    Very informative article! How many eggs can a peahen sit on? Also, can you slip extra eggs under a peahen for a larger clutch?
  2. wornoutmomto3

    Comment by 'wornoutmomto3' in article 'Hatchaholic's Anonymous (picture heavy)'

    Thank you, everyone! Your sweet comments are most definitely appreciated.
  3. wornoutmomto3

    Comment by 'wornoutmomto3' in article 'Hatchaholic's Anonymous (picture heavy)'

    ShellyBear is correct. The speckled eggs are quail eggs. Once I got started hatching, any and all bird eggs seem fair game. Also, my father-in-law thought i would enjoy having the fun little birds around. And, I do.
  4. wornoutmomto3

    Hatchaholic's Anonymous (picture heavy)

    Hello, my name is Stephanie and I have an addiction... to hatching eggs. Here is the sad tale of my out of control spiral into chicken math... Life was easy when roosters where forbidden. The hens laid the eggs... and the family ate the eggs. It was simply bliss. But then "they" showed...
  5. wornoutmomto3

    Chicken Photography For The Uninitiated

    "That looks so easy! I bet I could do take photos like those. They are just chickens after all." Yes, I had those exact thoughts. If you are truly honest with yourself, you may also have had those same or similar thoughts. We've all seen those perfect pictures, with the bird standing just right...
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