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  1. Momagain1

    Can anyone who regularly dubs message me please

    We have a few questions we have searched for and need answers. Thank you!
  2. Momagain1

    What's the average dressed meat bird size?

    We just butchered 2 roosters so far today- 5.10 lbs 5.6 lbs The hens look like they will be smaller- should We keep a bit longer? What do your dressed birds run poundage wise?
  3. Momagain1

    2 quick questions before butchering please

    Butchering the meat birds today & tomorrow. Been a while- I forget: 1. What's the reason why we put the birds in an apple cider/ice water soak after butchering/plucking? 2. Someone just told me that we need to not freeze them until 24 hours later to let the rigor mortis "leaves" the body...
  4. Momagain1

    Extra birds in hatchery order-

    I placed my original order with the hatchery. They sent me the correct birds although seven of them died within the first few days. We need those specific birds for my daughters 4H project. Then when I called them to let them know they were going to replace the birds that died from the original...
  5. Momagain1

    Out of the blue incident with show hen, overnight issues

    Hello all. Monday morning my son found our not quite 2 yr old Spangled hamburg on the ground flopping. We instantly thought predator attack, however no outward Injuries & no other hen in our flock of 35+ had any signs of anything. Upon closer look we found she had mites which we immediately...
  6. Momagain1

    Where can we find Show birds in Central IL or surrounding areas?

    we are having a very hard time. My son really wants to show Cochins but of course we cannot find any local! My daughter is much less picky... We are willing to travel a short bit..anyone? TIA
  7. Momagain1

    Confirm, beofre butchering...

    Roo correct? Has not done ANY traditional roo characteristics...altho; we did have about 4 other Roos who were very dominant... We butchered the 4 dominant roos... have one definite Roo left (giving him a stay of execution for this week, see how he behaves)...but this one, was in the nest...
  8. Momagain1

    Just a mom funny... girls.... If they would just CLEAN it already...we wouldnt have an issue!!!
  9. Momagain1

    Golden Laced Wyandotte...hen or Rooster?

    Everyone leans toward Roo... but he/she doesnt act it and I just want to make sure...but it probably is a Roo...its about 4 1/2 months old-ish..
  10. Momagain1

    Headine news: double egg in Texas...

    check it out... ouch! find that hen and give her a sitz bath!!
  11. Momagain1

    Just had an overwhelming feeling

    We have had a steady income for the last 13 yrs with DHs job at walgreens... this upcoming his last day... they eliminated his position and a whole lotta junk went he had a couple options; stay w/walgreens in a demoted position with 25% paycut but the SAME...
  12. Momagain1

    Need creative ideas fast!

    if you read this thread here: (you'll understand why I want this) But here is what i need in case you dont wanna go read it (AND THATS COOL TOO!) mock retirement party...candy prescription bar..(bad idea...
  13. Momagain1

    Last minute ideas for a Mock retirement party???

    anyone? here is what I'm doing so far... to make a VERY long story short... 1. Hubby has worked for Walgreens as an Asst. Mgr for 13 yrs. 2. 10 of those yrs were third shift, 7 days on, 7 days off, missing almost every Birthdays/anniversaries/christmas/T-giving/Easter etc.. 3. Walgreens...
  14. Momagain1

    So..what have you done "TODAY"???

    Today I slept in until 1130..I was exhausted... (been having anxiety attacks the last few days and they wear you out!!) anyway..I wake the brunch thing...clean up from that..hubby goes to work at 2pm... I have a large party coming up on I needed to clean up... so I go...
  15. Momagain1

    Afghan Tomatoes and Eggs: Tukhum-Bonjan --

    My momma came over tonight and made this dish. My brother is once again deployed overseas...this time to Afghanistan. He came home for his leave a few weeks ago and made this dish for my momma...she came and taught me it.. NOW..mind you I'm a big MEAT person...I am not a person who will be...
  16. Momagain1

    Surprise! My mom came over & is cooking a traditional Afghani

    meal... my brother taught it to her when he came home on leave from Afghanistan a few weeks ago... I wasnt able to be she came out to teach it to its soo simple...garlic, jalapeno, tomato, olive oil and eggs! Eat with bread...I'll post recipe later if anyone wants it...
  17. Momagain1

    Sigh..."HE" crowed....

    so the EE pullet ...was incorrectly sexed...she's a "he"... bummed...we cannot keep him...
  18. Momagain1

    I was just offered to come pick a friends cherry tree..

    they said they NEVER EVER pick always goes to the birds/waste... so he called me and said "If you want to come pick these cherries in the next few days, and do your farmer stuff..LMK... so I want to go pick them...and I'll pick to my hearts content...FREE fruit?? whats NOT to love! I...
  19. Momagain1

    Who here has served in the military or have been a former military spouse?

    I want to thank you ALL for your sacrifice....I included the wives in this post, because more often than not, while the SERVICEMEMBER is gone serving somewhere..the wife is the backbone of the family...the wife makes sacrifices when she marries into the military... THANK YOU THANK YOU current...
  20. Momagain1

    I made yogurt cheese..but its SOOOO sour

    sooo sour; my kids spit it out! what can I do with it????
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