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  1. Frost Homestead

    olive egger chicks - Austin, TX area

    We just hatched out 4 little olive egger chicks. They're straight run (unsexed) $8 each. These first generation olive eggers were produced from our black copper marans cockerel mating our wheaten and blue wheaten ameraucanas. All are blue and have feathered legs. From what I can tell, 3 of them...
  2. Frost Homestead

    BIN 12+ wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana & blue/black copper Marans eggs

    Buy It Now! (not an auction) Next shipment available: TBD 12+ eggs. 6 marans (blue and black copper) and 6 ameraucanas (wheaten/blue wheaten). I'll add extras of whatever I have. Shipping depends on your zip code but is usually between $10-$17. Paypal or Bitcoin only. Contact for...
  3. Frost Homestead

    splash and blue copper marans chicks (Austin, TX area)

    I have 6 marans chicks for sale. 4 splash and 2 blue copper. They are one week old. All are feather legged, Bev Davis/Wade Jeane lines. Hatched from impressive dark eggs. Local pick-up and cash. Serious inquiries only. We're located in Jonestown, right outside Austin, TX. (a few miles west of...
  4. Frost Homestead

    blue copper and splash marans chicks - Austin TX area

    For Sale: 4 blue copper and 2 splash marans chicks. Hatched out Nov. 20th. (unsexed) - $7 each All have feathered legs and hatched from dark eggs. Bev Davis/Wade Jeane lines. Serious inquiries only. Cash & local pick-up in Jonestown TX 78645 (right outside Cedar Park) We are PT tested/clean...
  5. Frost Homestead

    4 dominique x marans chicks (Austin, TX area)

    Local pick-up only. 78645 (Jonestown, TX just a few miles west of Cedar Park on 1431) I have 4 adorable dominique x splash marans mixes. They have feathered legs and are blue. They're $4 each. They will grow to be blue barred, very pretty! These guys were hatched Oct 16th. Get these chicks now...
  6. Frost Homestead

    Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana chicks - Austin, TX area

    I have 4 wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucana chicks for sale. These are purebred birds, not easter eggers. $10 each, straight run. Hatched from my flock, very blue eggs. My line of ameraucanas are super broody. If you have any questions feel free to message me. You can see more pics of my...
  7. Frost Homestead

    BIN: 12+ extras Blue Copper & Splash Marans fertile hatching eggs

    12+ beautiful blue copper and splash marans eggs for sale. This is a BUY IT NOW sale. No need to bid, just reply "SOLD" in the comment section OR private message me. Bev Davis/Wade Jeane lines, all feathered legs. I have a splash roo over 8 blue copper hens. Fertility has been tested - we've...
  8. Frost Homestead

    Splash and Blue Copper marans chicks (Austin, TX area)

    For Sale: 15 splash and blue copper marans chicks. Bev Davis/Wade Jeane lines. All feathered legs. Hatched from dark eggs. Straight run. Cash & local pick-up only. Zip code 78645. Please reply to this ad if interested or send me a PM.
  9. Frost Homestead

    Golden Feather Membership

    Woot! After years of being on here I finally took the plunge and purchase the GFM Is there anything I need to do now? (I read that they have to apply it manually to my account, so I included my BYC username when I paid for it)
  10. Frost Homestead

    BIN: 12+ mixed breed hatching eggs

    This is a Buy It Now offer: 12+ mixed breed fertile hatching eggs for $15 plus shipping. Shipping is $12. Paypal only. Please reply below or private message me if interested and I will provide you with my Paypal address. No e-checks please. These eggs are from my free range pet chickens. I...
  11. Frost Homestead

    egg bound hen edible?

    My friend just butchered a hen and it was egg bound. Had broken yolk and multiple eggs inside. Is it safe to eat? She said it didn't seem infected. just wondering what everyone's opinions are on this
  12. Frost Homestead

    purple marans egg!

    Here's a pic showing the purple egg we found this morning. It came from one of my blue copper marans, not only is it weirdly colored but it's even bigger than their already jumbo sized eggs. They usually lay darker brown colored ones like the ones the right, not sure if it's jus because there...
  13. Frost Homestead


    I have no idea what thread to post this under so I'm asking it here. Does anyone know how long Paypal usually takes to notify you that someone is sending you money? I have a few people ordering eggs and it seems like it has been a long time and I still haven't received any notifications or...
  14. Frost Homestead

    12+ Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, Poss. Olive Egger eggs BIN

    BUY IT NOW. (not an auction) Send me a direct message to order & get my Paypal address. $15 shipping. Paypal and bitcoin only. This is for 12+ fertile purebred wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucana hatching eggs. There is a possibility you could get some olive eggers from my splash marans roo out...
  15. Frost Homestead

    splash marans cockerels - Austin, TX area

    Also have 5 splash marans cockerels for sale. These guys we purchased from hatching eggs here on BYC and out of the 7 that hatched 6 of them are roosters! Help me get rid of these guys before the neighbors go crazy from all the competative crowing! 3 have feathered legs and 3 are clean legged...
  16. Frost Homestead

    help me sex these splash marans

    Ok, here are my 7 splash marans. Some of them are getting really obvious combs but there are a few that I'm still questioning...I'm adding pics of the ones I'm confident I know the sex of so that you can see the difference, maybe it might help give you an idea of what the others could be. Lemme...
  17. Frost Homestead

    some pics of our garden

    ^^ Here's a pic of the garden. We are growing carrots, beets, chard, basil, rosemary; red, brown, and purple potatoes; green & pineapple tomatillos, several variety of tomatoes, cucumber, athena cantaloupe, and about 10 different types of peppers: cayenne, fish, red, yellow, and gold bell...
  18. Frost Homestead

    Easter Egger pullets - Austin, Tx area

    15 Easter Egger pullets. Hatched in early June. All pullets will lay green or blue eggs. Father is purebred Wheaten Ameraucana and the mother hens are all easter eggers. All are fully feathered and living outside with the big birds. (I also have roos if you're interested) Local pickup only. I'm...
  19. Frost Homestead

    silkie vs squirrel

    I sat down to take a break from working in the garden and I was feeding the chickens some BOSS. This cute little squirrel came up and was trying so hard to get over to where I had sprinkled the seeds. Most of the chickens just ignored it, but my silkie Pippin didn't like it. She kept a close eye...
  20. Frost Homestead


    What's the best bait for luring a possum into a live trap? I've got a big ugly one living under my house Apparently it loves it down there...lots of creepy crawlies to eat, especially with the sudden explosion of tarantulas I keep finding in the house.
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