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  1. Rusty Hills Farm

    What religion do you belong to?

    To answer the OP's question I would probably have to label myself "Pagan", but I do not believe in organized religion per se so I don't actually belong to any religious group. Rusty
  2. Rusty Hills Farm

    AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Best of Opposite Sex!!

    KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF! wahoo! Wahoo! WAHOO! Couldn't happen to a greater team! Rusty
  3. Rusty Hills Farm

    Dog breed suggestions / Doberman experience?

    I've read this whole thread because I've been owned by Dobies for more than 25 years now. They are great schutzhund dogs and I love to compete in schutzhund, so I've always had Dobies and GSDs. The only Dobie I've ever had that had health issues was our rescue girl. She has so many fatty...
  4. Rusty Hills Farm

    BOSS #2, and Bronze Grand Champion

    Can't wait to see her in Obedience! She's gonna eat it up! Rusty
  5. Rusty Hills Farm

    This is what FOCUS looks like.....

    Dobies and Rotties have the MOST INTENSE focus of all the breeds, I think. Those eyes are so piercing and intent. Rusty
  6. Rusty Hills Farm

    KK Celebrates turning 2 with BOB/Group 4

    Gee, I missed a lot this last month. Been on the injured list since September 10 and I think this is my first time back. Just gotta say "our" Katie girl is looking fantastic! Happy Birthday, sweetie! Rusty
  7. Rusty Hills Farm

    Anyone up for a little KK?

    Sigh.....sigh....sigh....Be still, my heart! Just an ol' Katie lover! Rusty
  8. Rusty Hills Farm

    Rottweiler age progression, 4 weeks to 23 months

    She STILL melts my heart --> Rusty
  9. Rusty Hills Farm

    ~ Retired and Starting My Future In The Foothills ~

    Now THAT's what I call "retirement"!!! Rusty, who is green with envy
  10. Rusty Hills Farm

    x-racehorse with lead problems, suggestions?

    Quote: First off, you need to FEEL which lead you are in, not look. This is generally very easy. Your own hips should tell you. As you canter/lope around the arena, which one of your hips feels like it is moving ahead of the other? THAT's the lead your horse is using. The best way I...
  11. Rusty Hills Farm

    A little KK for your viewing pleasure. :D

    How did I miss this?!? (smacks head) "Our" girl looks fantastic! Rusty
  12. Rusty Hills Farm

    You know your house and life are ruled by pets when...

    ...when the ER doctor tells you you've just had a heart attack and you say, "I can't have a heart attack now--I've got to finish feeding the horses!" Yep. I really said that!!! Rusty (who survived in spite of himself!)
  13. Rusty Hills Farm

    The Redyre Full LItter

    Good luck with the testing. She is such a great girl! Rusty
  14. Rusty Hills Farm

    ~ Retired and Starting My Future In The Foothills ~

    Linda, just wanted you to know that, while I don't post often, I do check on this thread regularly and enjoy every bit of it! Thank you for sharing! Rusty
  15. Rusty Hills Farm

    I REALLY want a Horse!!!

    Quote: This is something to think long and hard about. Keeping horses is rarely convenient. I started keeping horses while I was in the Marine Corps. Many a time I was sore, tired, and hurting but my horses got fed and cared for just as thoroughly as the days when I felt fine. I missed...
  16. Rusty Hills Farm

    I REALLY want a Horse!!!

    Quote: I've done both and unless you have more than one horse of your own (they are herd animals) and you have exclusive use of the pasture, I would never suggest pasture boarding. There will be other people's horses in the pasture otherwise, and that ALWAYS leads to conflicts. Plus having a...
  17. Rusty Hills Farm

    Military families

    I am retired from the military, as is my partner. Rusty
  18. Rusty Hills Farm

    What in heavens name could be happening with my horse

    Quite a number of years ago, I had my horses in a public barn and made friends with someone who offered to do my evening feed for me because I worked late each evening. Seemed like such a kindness on her part...right up til I discovered that yes, she fed my horses each night AND her own...out...
  19. Rusty Hills Farm

    Is it just me? Have we lost a lot of members? Members posting differently?

    This is it for me. I used to be on here daily. Now I come MAYBE once a week. Eventually I probably won't come at all. One of my favorite posters hasn't been on since November and that is a big factor too--missing familiar folks who actually knew what they were talking about. Rusty
  20. Rusty Hills Farm

    need to fertilize and over seed

    Per my vet, after fertilizing a pasture needs 3 good rains before it's okay to put the livestock back on it. That's the rule of thumb that I've used since he told me this. Hope this helps. Rusty
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