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  1. Trisseh

    Incubating Shipped Eggs in an IncuView incubator

    I just ordered an incuview as well, to hatch shipped eggs in. What I did for previous shipped eggs in my janoel 12 was stand them upright in cut cartons and tip them by hand the first few days, candle every day to see what the air cells were looking like, and once they were sufficiently stable...
  2. Trisseh

    Thanks for the deep freeze Mother Nature, frostbite on feet

    @Eggcessive I missed the notification for your post. :( thanks! This is the first time I’ve dealt with more advanced frostbite in a chicken. Dogs and cats, I’ve got a good handle on, but this is new. :) from what I’ve read on here and elsewhere, it seems that Epsom salt soaks and topicals are...
  3. Trisseh

    Need help identifying this breed

    I don’t think you’ll get a definitive answer on this bird til we’re fully feathered and back on track for its age, and either laying or crowing. :) Audrey is looking quite masculine to me but there are a fair number of pullets that look pretty boyish, and because the growth is so wonky and...
  4. Trisseh

    Official BYC Poll: What Are Your Plans For 2021?

    Adding new ducks, hatching some of my own chicks and some shipped eggs of new breeds, adding some dual purpose birds to add in to my bloodline and have some freezer birds, and of course join in to any of the hatchalongs that I can. :P oh, and adding frankenchickens to try this year as well.
  5. Trisseh

    Why Do You Use Deep Bedding/Why Do You NOT Use Deep Bedding?

    I’m the kind that deep cleans more often in warmer weather, and piles it up in colder weather. We do get a lot of flies come summer temps with short, moderately hot temps, and since I had a LOT of chicks locked up in the coop for much of the summer, it was much more labour intensive. Winter, I...
  6. Trisseh

    Thanks for the deep freeze Mother Nature, frostbite on feet

    Thanks! I wouldn’t be able to do much without having access to things to care for him though. Haha. My boss is a trooper and lets me order things in as needed, even though as I mentioned, poultry aren’t viewed as very valuable around here. :)
  7. Trisseh

    What do you think Ppl? Hen or Roo??

    I’m leaning cockerel, hen feathered or not - I would still look for male saddle feathers just in case. The patterning over the wing bows and patchiness of the coloring in that area make me think male.
  8. Trisseh

    Thanks for the deep freeze Mother Nature, frostbite on feet

    Hey everyone! I have one of my 16 week old hedemora cockerels that decided it was a great idea to sit on top of the covered water bowl, and to then also dabble his feet in the water. 🤦‍♀️ No one else is having any issues, other than my icelandic with the giant single comb, but this guy is in...
  9. Trisseh

    Real temp lows hitting -18.

    The worst thing I’ve dealt with in this cold so far when it comes to the ducks, is the calls being too lazy to either drop their legs to stand or lift their tails to poo, so they poo on their tails and then wind up dragging poopsicles with them for the rest of the day. 🙄 the standard ducks have...
  10. Trisseh

    Real temp lows hitting -18.

    @Pollo Blanco ..I... don’t see how this is helpful? The OP expressed concern because the temps were much lower than their ducks have been used to and was looking for a bit of reassurance from those who are in a similar situation... It is sometimes harder to tell with poultry than it is with dogs...
  11. Trisseh

    What is the Meatiest Duck Breed?

    You’ll still have a relatively high bone to meat ratio if you have healthy ducks; their bone structure needs to be sound enough to carry all that muscling around. Lol. That being said, I’m sure you could manage Pekins differently for them to not pack the pounds (or more so the fat!) on quite so...
  12. Trisseh

    What is the Meatiest Duck Breed?

    Or if you really want to go crazy, go take a look around for info about mule/mulard/moulard ducks. They’re a Muscovy/mallard derived hybrid. There was definitely a thread or two on here from some years back about them. The biggest drawback is that the fertility of the cross is low, and it’s a...
  13. Trisseh

    What is the Meatiest Duck Breed?

    Depends on what kind of a timeline you’re on for butchering, I would think. Pekins are the Cornish x of the duck world, but there are plenty of other heavyweight breeds that are a good option if you don’t mind growing them a bit longer. That was one of the selling points for me on the silver...
  14. Trisseh

    February Hatch-A-Long

    She looks much better/stronger! Great job! 🥳
  15. Trisseh

    February Hatch-A-Long

    @LadiesAndJane did you double check your tiny didn’t have slipped tendons too? Sometimes that’ll make them walk on the edges of their feet and rotate their legs out. I had a chick last year with slipped tendons and splay leg at hatch. That one was fun. Not. your little one is so cute though! 🥰...
  16. Trisseh

    12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along

    It all depends on if I have birds that cooperate. Haha. Otherwise I won’t be setting anything til mid April. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But if my ducks start laying and the timing works, I’ll try to join too. :)
  17. Trisseh

    Can you help please with the gender

    I’m not super familiar with the breed but from what I’ve seen, that black coloration coming in over the saddle area may be pointing towards cockerel. 🤔
  18. Trisseh

    HELP ! I need help identifying sex of Cream Legbars

    Adults look very different between the sexes. How old? Pictures would for sure help! :)
  19. Trisseh

    Real temp lows hitting -18.

    It really does depend on how extreme a particular temperature is for your area. :) We’d been spoiled up til now and what is usually a normal temp here right now, feels really cold this year. Animals that normally would have a super thick coat don’t. It’s been tricky. I would say adjust based...
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