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  1. Rebel Rooster

    Comment by 'Rebel Rooster' in article 'York Feather Factory Incubator'

    That is great! Y'all did a fantastic job! :) Wade
  2. Rebel Rooster

    The Incubators

    "The Incubators" Rush Lane Poultry COOLER/BATORS! Here's how we modify a Water Heater Thermostat for steadier temps! Here is the very "functional" "Monsta-Hatcher" Below is the new "Bator Barn" for 2011 Here's a link to a "new" Incubator Build video that I made... This one...
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    Rebel Roosters Page

    "Rush Lane Poultry 2012" We're located In Central SC Rush Lane Poultry COOLER/BATORS! This year's Georgia Bobs Here's the Tenn. Reds... Yellow Golden Pheasant pair... Here's some of the Birds Thanks for lookin' Folks! Rush Lane Poultry...
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